Thursday, December 11, 2014

Trailer: This Is Not a Family! It's A 'Crazy Cukkad Family'!

Crazy Cukkad Family poster
Poster of Crazy Cukkad Family

Crazy Cukkad la la!
Meet the family of Swanand Kirkire here!

A Family that Loves!

Crazy Cukkad Family that loves
Crazy Cukkad Family member shouting in a still

The Cukkad family's members Pawan, Archana, Aman and Cchotu love each other like anything...beyond any limits. They love so much that anyone can slap other at any moment...Shitaaaaaak! Ouch!

A Family that Respects!

They have amazing respect for each other as if the respect for God. No matters what one of the older family members says the young girl of the family, "How much camar you decorate a donkey, she will never become a horsie" (Whatever way you decorate a donkey, it can not become a horse). Oh really?!

A Family that Cares!

The members of this Cukkad family can do anything for the happiness of other family members.

One says, "You have to do this much for dad's happiness"
Other replies, "Papa ki khushi, aur meri khudkushi" (Dad's happiness and my suicide)

A Family that is Perfect!

Swanand Kirkire gazing a girl in Crazy Cukkad Family movie still
Swanand Kirkire staring at a girl in Crazy Cukkad Family movie still

In short, the family is too Sati-Savitri types: Sabhya, Susheel, and Sanskari!

Here everyone seems in competition to prove that. One finds another damn lucky if he is with a babe. Another is dying to own a girl. And others are so unsatisfied that have made their home a parliament house of arguments.

They Love their Babuji (Father)

Babuji of Crazy Cukkad Family lying on death bed in serious condition
Babuji of Crazy Cukkad Family lying on a death bed in critical situation

All just love their Babuji, but does their Babuji too loves them? God knows! Because only God can read his heart as the man is lying on the bed in comma, and so can't speak or express.

Daughter of Crazy Cukkad Family crying bitterly as bride
Daughter of Crazy Cukkad Family crying bitterly in bridal dress

Their is cunning laugh; there are arguments. There is bull-fight; there are tears. Father is on death-bed and one girl is donning Solah Shringar (make-up and adornments) being a bride.

Crazy Cukkad Family frightening the Dulha (groom)
Crazy Cukkad Family members frightening the groom of their daughter, the way they are serving him

Uff! This is really not a family! It's a Crazy Cukkad family. Don't you believe me? Watch below!

Latest Official Theatrical Trailer of Crazy Cukkad Family Movie in HD

Play to watch Bollywood movie Crazy Cukkad Family's teaser video online!

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