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Wanna Get Horrified? Watch Spine-Chilling Trailer of Alone Ft. Bipasha & Karan

Bipasha Basu and her sister ghost together in Alone movie
Bipasha Basu in double role for Bollywood's horror movie Alone

Trailer Insides of Alone Movie

Bipasha Basu as Anjana and Sanjana in childhood for Hindi movie Alone
Two twin sisters Anjana and Sanjana playing childhood of Bipasha Basu's character in Bollywood movie Alone

They always used to say, "We will live with each other the whole life and will remain together like that".

And later, one day Sanjana (Bipasha) comes to know through cards that she will meet the one who was lost; someone will be back.

Karan Singh Grover to ented in haunted house in Hindi movie Alone
Ladies talking to Karan Singh Grover about haunted house of Bollywood movie Alone

Sanjana had locked her house after the death of her twin sister Anjana (Bipasha Basu in double role). This house had all the memories of Anjana. It had her toys, her belongings...and herself. The door of the house was not supposed to get opened.

Bipasha Basu as Sanjana with her ghost sister Anjana in a horror lift scene of Hindi movie Alone
Alone still: Sanjana (Bipasha Basu) with her twin sister Anjana's ghost (left) in lift

But the door opens which get Anjana out and free to haunt her sister Sanjana. Now Sanjana sees four foot-step prints when she walks, two extra of her. She finds her specter leaning to her shoulder on lift's door. Not only in her dreams, but she is back in her life too, and always somewhere close...very close to her. She appears, disappears...and it keep happening in front of Sanjana's eyes.

The broken promise brings back the dead and the ghost of Sanjan's sister gets into her body. Somewhere something is left with which Anjana's soul is attached to Sanjana. What is that? Which way can let her get rid of her terrible dreams and life. Who can save her?

Lead Actors of Hindi movie Alone: Hot Bipasha Basu and Karan singh Grover together
Bipasha Basu and Karan singh Grover in a still of Bollywood movie Alone

When it comes to lose, one understand the price of gaining. Karan Singh Grover who loves Sanjana, he doesn't believe in ghost and supernatural powers. He let Sanjana open that house and doesn't believe her when she talks about her sister's ghost. But now when he encounters the truth, how will he save his love?

Now Karan was not with Sanjana alone; when he gets near her, he is with Anjana as well. She haunts him too and abet him to kill her so that he attacks Anjana, and Sanjana dies.

Sanjana evokes him and makes it realize that there is no one who can take another's place, and there is no one who can love him the way she does. When nothing works in front of an evil-power, would their love have enough strength to stand against a ghost? How the things will shape when she will know that she was never 'Alone'.

Bipasha Basu in double role as twin sisters in Hindi horror movie Alone
Bipasha Basu as Anjana and Sanjana in Bollywood movie Alone

The story of two twin sisters (Sanjana and Anjana), the love-tale of two ordinary (Sanjana and Karan), the consequences of a broken promise, and the battle of holy vs evil...this is what served in Alone with screeches, dark night scenes, and ghost's supernatural actions. Watch the trailer below if you do not call your mum after watching a horror movie in night! ;)

Latest Official Theatrical Trailer of Alone Movie in HD

Play to watch Bollywood movie Alone's teaser video online, which features hero and heroine!

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