Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Will Cabaret Music Hit the Chartbusters?

Bollywood movie Cabaret: Producer Pooja Bhatt and actors Richa and Sreesanth
Cabaret movie stars: Richa, Pooja Bhatt, Sreesanth

Produced by Pooja Bhatt, Cabaret is a musical film and a woman-oriented story to depict the life of a struggling cabaret dancer who becomes famous. Now if you are making a perception of consuming only cabaret music in the film, let me give you an eye-opener first. The plot of Cabaret movie revolves around a cabaret dancer, but the music of this film is not contracted to that zone only. The music album will have romantic tracks as well, to make the Cabaret album melodious.

Pooja Bhatt is pretty confident of the soundtracks and believes them to be chart-busters. As per her, they will not be merely the short lived crackers, but will reside longer in the active shelves.

One of the surprising name of music composers is of Cabaret's director, Kaustav Narayan Niyogi. The most amazing thing is, Kaustav is debuting in both direction and composing the music tracks with the same film, Cabaret.

The songs of the movies were on full swings for recording in mid-2013. One song was recorded in August 2013 with Roopkumar Rathore.

Pooja Bhatt has also declared that his husband Manish Makhija (Mannu) will arrange the songs for Cabaret as other than composing the music, arranging the songs is also an imperative task for the film.

The audience and music-lovers will be waiting for the film ... and its album as the movies with associated name of Pooja Bhatt are famous for their album to hit the strings of Indian hearts.

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