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Will Hawaizaada Ayushmann Khurrana & Mithun Chakraborty Be Able to Fly High? -Trailer

Ayushmann Khurrana making airplane in Hawaizaada
Ayushmann Khurrana with his aircraft in a still of Bollywood movie Hawaizaada

Hawaizaada  invites you to celebrate an unsung hero. It was much rumored during the beginning of 19th century when Wright Brothers were credited to flew the first airplane of world in America, that it was already done by an Indian eight years ago. This Indian hero was Shivkar Bapuji Talpade who had been in rumors to flew world's first airplane, but was not credited due to lack of proofs or evidences. Hawaizaada depicts the story of that Indian hero in all new way.

Let's go deeper in what Ayushmann Khurana and Mithun Chakraborty starer trailer of Hawaizaada suggests about the fictional biopic of Shivkar Bapuji Talpade!

One Passionate Soul with A Dream to Fly

Ayushmann Khurrana mixing chemicals to make his airplane
Ayushmann Khurrana's upcoming Hawaizaada Still: The hero as Shivkar Bapuji Talpade with chemicals for making his aircraft

"Jab eendhan ublega na, to fad-fad karke engine ki aawaj aayegi.
Fir ye ghoomega... hawa ko kaat-ta hua
Hawai-jahaz hawa ke dabaav ke karan aage jaane ke bajaye seedha furr upar udega!"
                                                                         -Ayushmann as Shivkar Bapuji Talpade

Ayushmann Khurrana working hard to make his aircraft in Hawaizaada
Ayushmann Khurrana making plane in Bollywood movie Hawaizaada

The way the trailer begins, it gives the glimpse of a scientist who is passionate about discovering his flying machine. Here Ayushmann talks about some physical science's terms where he converse with himself that when the fuel will boil, then the engine will sound and move crossing the air. The airplane will fly above instead of moving ahead due to pressure of air.

A crazy Man Who Is Neglected and Underestomated 

Ayushmann Khurrana set to ride his airplane in Hawaizaada movie
Ayushmann Khurrana sitting in his huge airplane in Hawaizaada movie still

Scientists are often assumed as mad initially; perhaps because an undiscovered machine is always a fantasy for others and so they do not support the person to input time in something unbelievable. Somewhat similar happens with this unsung hero too! People mocked him and what they said to him was:

"Bevakoof dikhte nahi ho, par ho! ...Aadmi udega! ...Fairy-tale! ...Fairy-tale!"
"Chauthy kaksha, aatth baar fail!"
"Viman banayenge! Hawai-jahaaz banayenge!"
"Subah se koi mila nahi kya!" 
                                                     - Anonymous

Some called him stupid, some mocked saying him eight-time-failed in fourth class. Some laughed at him and some opposed.

Depressed Ayushmann Khurrana in bath tub for Hawaizaada movie
Ayushmann Khurrana in a bath-tub at highly depressing and disappointed mood for Bollywood movie Hawaizaada

Not only other people, but his own father too didn't believe on him saying,"Koi hawai-jahaz nahi udega! Hawai-jahaz nahi udega!"

Indeed he made him getting out of his house giving a condition, "Agar tum is ghar mein rehna chahte ho, to iss ghar mein niyamo ke sath rahoge. Khud ko badlo yaa ghar ko badlo, get out!"

His Mentor & Lover Gave Wings to His Flying Machine

Mithun Chakraborty as Subbaraya Shastry set to fly as Scientist Subbaraya Shastry in Hawaizaada
Mithun Chakraborty as Scientist Subbaraya Shastry in Bollywood movie Hawaizaada still

So who supported and motivated him?

He was Mithun Chakraborty as Subbaraya Shastry who offers Shivkar to work with him, identifying him as a diamond, not a kohl that people thought about him. He motivated him recalling Aryabhatt who had discovered "zero" and Rishi Kanod who had discovered "Kan", an "atom"!

Heroine of Ayushmann Khurrana, Pallavi Sharda in Hawaizaada
Pallavi Sharda as Sitara, Ayushmann's heroine in Hawaizaada

But after after getting neglected by not only other people but by close ones too, it was not easier to keep the morale higher which was much needed to make history. Then who inspired him?

Pallavi Sharda about to kiss Ayushmann Khurrana in a romantic still of Hawaizaada movie
Pallavi Sharda and Ayushmann Khurrana romancing in Bollywood movie Hawaizaada

She was a girl in love of him whom he also loved deeply. And "Pyar mein pada aadmi aksar apni aukaad se jyada bada kaam kar jata hai" - Pallavi Sharda as Sitara, Ayushmann's heroine in Hawaizaada

Villain of the Story

Villain in Hawaizaada movie story
British as villain in Bollywood movie Hawaizaada

Well a story never ends without a villain who are British in this movie. They are afraid that the Indians had been making some kind of flying machine, and they had to stop. They play dirty games to stop the history-making discovery which had been setting to write the name of an Indian and his country India in golden words.

Where the dreamers were dreaming that the first flying person of the world will be one Hindustani, their were many big powers before them to spoil their soup.

"Jab mein hawai-jahaz udaaunga naa, to uski dug-dug-dug mein shor nahi faqt ek awaz sunai degi.
...Vande Maatram!" -A patriotic dialogue by Ayushmann Khurrana as Shivkar Bapuji Talpade

Latest Official Theatrical Trailer of Hawaizaada Movie in HD

The film is set to release in January 2015. Play to watch Ayushmann Khurrana's upcoming Bollywood Movie Hawaizaada's teaser video online!

"December 17, 1903
Wright Brothers flew
World's first airplane in America

EIGHT YEARS earlier,
This had ALREADY been DONE
Hawaizaada movie still: Watch- Bombay, 1895
An old watch in Hawaizaada movie still; location: Bombay, 1895

The trailer of Hawaizaada depicts an era of late 18th century and the beginning of 19th century. Directed by Vidhu Puri, the film not only attempts to recall the unsung success-story and efforts of an Indian, but also fuels patriotic emotions.

Pallavi Sharda as Sitara and Ayushmann Khurrana as Shivkar Talpade jumping from height in bollywood movie Hawaizaada
Pallavi Sharda as Sitara and Ayushmann Khurrana as Shivkar Talpade jumping with hand-in-hand in Hawaizaada movie still

The homework of director on bringing history and a fictional biopic on screen, and the inputs of Ayushmann on acting after his image of a North Indian lover, Hawaizaada trailer seems to get fewer hits than expected. The subject gets sensitive at some places; may the team Hawaizaada does not face any controversy for it.

Ayushmann Khurrana joining wings of his plane in his lab in Hawaizaada still
Ayushmann Khurrana joining wings to make his airplane in Hawaizaada

The background music has done its work well throughout the trailer. Ayushmann's style of sharpening the pencil, the hanging watch, the paint on walls, and the material and equipments used to make the airplane in the trailer take you to the old era, but it would be interesting to watch how minutely the team has matched to the demand of that time-span.

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