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Alone Music Review: Chand Aasmano | Katra Katra | Touch My Body | Awaara

Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover starer Bollywood movie Alone songs and music review
Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover starer Alone movie songs: Chand Aasmano, Katra Katra, Touch My Body, Awaara

Album Verdict
Album Rating
2.8 out of 5
Music Composers: Ankit Tiwari, Mithoon, Jeet Ganguli
Singers: Ankit Tiwari, Aditi Singh Sharma, Saim Bhatt, Prakriti Kalkar, Bhaven Dhanak, Altamash Faridi
Lyricists: Sandeep Nath, Abhay Upadhyay, Mithoon, Kumaar
Star Cast: Bipasha Basu, Karan Singh Grover
Music Label: T-Series
No. of MP3 Songs in Alone Album: 04
Length of Alone Music Album: 20 Minutes 06 Seconds
Release Date of Music: 17 December 2014

Alone Music Review

The trailer of Bhushan Patel's Alone movie had given glimpse of its horror side; the music album of Alone's songs make you say it is an erotica in which Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover have sizzled. The major of Alone music album serves you with romantic love-songs. Katra Katra and Chand Aasmano Se are two to catch your attention, but lack from hitting a place on chart-busters. All three composers have come up with best of their abilities to sooth the soft-songs' lovers. Here you are what's more in this worth a listen album!

Bipasha Basu, Karan Singh Grover starer Alone Songs: Online Video Songs of Alone movie with details, Review and Rating

Chand Aasmano Se Laapata

Singer: Bhaven Dhanak
Composer: Jeet Ganguli
Lyricist: Sandeep Nath

Their are many beautiful songs that have come up weaving the 'moon' in their lyrics. One more is added to it with Jeet Ganguli's composition Chand Aasmano Se Laapata. The song captures you right from beginning when the mixing of guitar chords and tuning come with interesting combination of synthesizer.

Chand Aasmano Se is a song with a catchy face, but the stanza plays falls-pick up-falls somewhere. I feel it just missed from a little from being a song in a list of romantic super-hits. However it is a good one.

Katra Katra

Singers: Ankit Tiwari, Prakriti Kakar
Composer: Ankit Tiwari
Lyricist: Abhay Upadhyay

Ankit Tiwari and Prakriti Kakar have brought just the right mood for the lyrics that Abhay Upadhyay has come up for Katra Katra. The intense lyrics are beautifully crooned by the singers. Especially the extended vocal expressions are what have made the song. The husky texture and throws are used in measured amount, which is a plus to the overall track.

The flute and guitar pieces in between have brought the feel right and added superbly to it. The mild orchestral score has maintained the soothing pace. And the sounds of waves and cricket have given a natural atmospheric feel.

Coming to visual of the song! Many of Indian watchers might not be able to digest the intense scenes between Bipasha and Karan Singh Grover. The scenario changes for this particular because of Karan's image. The television fans who have seen Karan in the role of too-good-boy in TV-serials, might question him for using it as a strategy for his debut film. However, Karan Singh has perhaps tried to come in a full-fledged package of him, which is merely an attempt to drag all kind of audiences, giving the best from him without contracting him to boundaries.


Singers:  Altamash Faridi, Saim Bhatt
Composer: Mithoon
Lyricist: Mithoon

The song enters to ears with a striking aalap and leaves with a voice having tremendous tthahraav. Sung by Altamash Faridi and Saim Bhatt, the song 'Awaara' further goes like an ordinary one. Electric guitar's strumming is the highlight of the song; otherwise it is simply a good (not great) composition by Mithoon.

Touch My Body

Singer: Aditi Singh Sharma
Composer: Raghav Sachar (Dr. Zeus had given the original music)
Lyricist: Kumaar (original lyrics by various lyricists)

"Oh wait for a moment! I have heard these beats somewhere before!" Don't wonder if this is the same thought that comes to your mind too while listening to the track. Let me help you recognizing the rhythm!

"Kangnaa Tera Ni... 
Saanu Kariye Ishare..."

Yes, Touch My Body is a revisited song that is a remixed composition by Raghav Sachar. The original music was from Dr. Zeus. Aditi Singh Sharma has come with her singing pretty well for the soundtrack which has added energy to it.

The Bottom Line: Music Review of Alone Album

If romantic songs hit you, songs of Alone are a treat for you with soft and peppy tracks. Otherwise, you can sense a consistency in all the songs despite they all of the four tracks are coming with four different composers. The album does not have a single song to be mad about, but it surely is a pleasant experience to hear the songs. It is not great, but good to listen once. Overall it gets 2.8 out of 5.

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