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Baby Movie's Music Review: Beparwah | Main Tujhse Pyar Nahi

Akshay Kumar starer Bollywood movie Baby songs and music review
Akshay Kumar starer Baby movie songs: Beparwah, Main Tujhse Pyar Nahi

Album Verdict
Album Rating
2 stars
Music Composers: M.M. Kreem, Meet Bros Anjjan
Singers: Papon, Apeksha Dandekar, Earl Edgar, Ramya Behra, Meet Bros Anjjan
Lyricist: Manoj Muntashir
Star Cast: Akshay Kumar, Rana Daggubati, Aupam Kher, Madhurima Tuli, Kay Kay Menon,  Taapsee Pannu, Sushant Singh, Karan Wahi, Danny Denzongpa
Music Label: T-Series
No. of Mp3 Songs in Baby Album: 4
Length of Baby Music Album: 17:35
Music Released on: 31 December 2015

Baby Music Review

Baby Music album has two compositions:  Beparwah by music composer Meet Bros Anjjan and Main Tujhse Pyar Nahi by music composer M. M. Kreem. Two other songs are Beparwah's MBA Swag version and Main Tujhse Pyar Nahi's female version. All of the songs of Baby movie are penned by the same lyricist, Manoj Muntashir. 

A short album in number of songs, Baby is an attempt that goes with the plot of the film. The Baby songs do not capture your attention strongly though, yet Main Tujhse might work for a specific mass. Where Main Tujhse is a movie song with some poetic touch, the song Beparwah has a powerful voice. 

Main Tujhse Pyar Nahi Karta

Singer: Papon
Composer: M.M. Kreem
Lyricist: Manoj Muntashir

Papon has sung the song Main Tujhse Pyar in a way that an ordinary person can easily connect with his voice. It has a catchy simplicity that bounds you.

The song presents an emotion that blossoms in the corner of a lover's heart, which he keeps hiding and denying from everyone and even from himself. Though he knows his love is what surrounds him 24/7 and his state has reached to the madness. Day or night, his girl stays with him in is thoughts.

The lyrics of Mein Tujhse Pyar song by Manoj Muntashir give feel of some Gazal or poem; the composed words and singing have depth in their plainness. If lyrics are what you search for, the song may be your quick pick. Those who need the instruments to build up the feel, they might consider it an just 'okay' song.

Online Video Songs of Baby movie with details and Review

Main Tujhse (Female Version)

Singer: Ramya Behra 
Composer: M.M. Kreem
Lyricist: Manoj Muntashir

With slight variations in comparison to the original one in composition and singing, this female version of Main Tujhse Pyar is sung by Ramya Behara. Embellishment with very soft beats has made the song mild, where the feel expressed through the song keeps touching you. 

Subtle instruments let you focus and read between the lines. Perhaps the weight that song's writer Manoj Muntashir has given with his pen, required it to not let you get distracted as the lyrics are the essence of it. The song makes an aura that visualizes you what is expressed through it. 

The girl shares the same feeling in this song which was expressed in the male version of Main Tujhse Pyar. The girl's  clothing, wardrobe, charm to her looks, even her city seems unknown to her, when her lover is not around her. This state of her take all colors away from her.


Singer: Apeksha Dandekar, Meet Bros Anjjan
Composer: Meet Bros Anjjan
Lyricist: Manoj Muntashir
Mastering & Mixing By: P.A. Deepak

Beparwah is sung in a powerful voice, which was the most necessary for getting the song shaped in a way it has come up. The way "Beparwah" is presented with chorus, has made the song impactful. You will not want to listen it again and again for sure, though, yet it seems the song will fit in its position while watching the movie. The singers and composers have given their full inputs, but however the song is not a great one to listen.

Beparwah MBA Swag

Singer: Earl Edgar, Meet Bros Anjjan, Apeksha Dandekar 
Composer: Meet Bros Anjjan
Lyricist: Manoj Muntashir

MBA Swag of Beparwah appears a wild form of its original. It is sung with no parwah, freely in a raw way. The techno sound is in its immoderate form. Overall the song sounds screechy and doesn't appease much. 

The Bottom Line: Music Review of Baby Album

Baby movie's music album is kept short and sweet with only four tracks: two are original and two are their female and swag versions. The subject and story-line perhaps do not have that space to fill the movie with 6-7 songs, the way most of the Bollywood films come with.

Both of the songs go with the album. Main Tujhse Pyar Nahi is a song that may secure some space in playlists of a specific section for couple of weeks, but Beparwah is the one that people would like to listen in between the movie only. Keeping all the facets of Baby music album, overall the songs of Baby get 2/5. 

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