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Crazy Cukkad Family Music Review

Composed by Sidhartha Suhaas, Bollywood movie Crazy Kukkad Family songs and music review
Swanand Kirkire starer Crazy Kukkad Family movie songs: Crazy Cukkad, Party Ka Hero, Chand Yeh, Pakoda, Yeh Dil Jane Na

Album Verdict
Album Rating
1.5 stars
Music Composer: Sidhartha Suhaas 
Singers: Shipra Goyal, Ankit Dayal, Shahid Mallya, Kumaar, Suhaas Shetty, Jugnu Ishiqui 
Lyricist: Kumaar, Suhaas Shetty 
Star Cast: Shilpa Shukla, Kushal Punjabi, Swanand Kirkire, Ninad Kamat, Yusuf Hussain, Kiran Karmarkar, Jugnu Ishique, Pravina Deshpande
Music Label: T-Series
No. of Mp3 Songs in Crazy Cukkad Family Album: 5
Length of Crazy Cukkad Family Music Album: 19:43
Date of Music Release: 22 December 2014

Crazy Cukkad Family Music Review

The music album of Crazy Cukkad Family is a composition of Sidhartha Suhaas, which is given words by Kumaar and Suhaas. Only a couple of songs have worked for the album, rest are ordinary who don't do any magic. The title song Crazy Cukkad goes well with this album of a comedy movie and Chand Yeh is the one that might be liked by the fans of Swanand Kirkire.

Crazy Cukkad Family Songs: Online Video Songs of Crazy Cukkad Family movie with details, Review and Rating

Crazy Cukkad

Singers: Shipra Goyal, Shahid Mallya, Kumaar
Composer: Sidhartha Suhaas
Lyricist: Kumaar

It is a musical introductory song for the crazy cukkad family on which the film revolves. The soundtrack is given a funny feel with hen's voice time-to-time. The Punjabi accent and music score have made the song lively. Crazy Cukkad Nacheda track was used in the trailer too, which is sung by three singers: Shipra Goyal, Shahid Mallya, Kumaar, and written by lyricist Kumaar. 

Party Ka Hero

Singers: Shipra Goyal, Shahid Mallya
Composer: Sidhartha Suhaas
Lyricist: Kumaar

If the title "Party Ka Hero" of the song suggests you that it is a party song, you might be mistaken. Yes it has those beats and those swag-styled lyrics, but it is neither a party track nor a song on which you will like to stand and dance. 

The song is ambiguous while the use of regional language. Tabla Master's repeated sound and breaks are the tag style of the song. It engages with the lyrics in stanzas, but fails to create any good impact about itself. 

Chand Yeh

Singer: Swanand Kirkire
Composer: Sidhartha Suhaas
Lyricist: Kumaar

Right from initial guitar chords, Chand Murjhave seems a sensible song after the two above. The music piece sounds too long after the face, yet picks again with stanza. Aa-Re-Oo Chorus is a good attempt to fuel the feel in the track. The high pitch points shows shaky strain in vocal, yet Swanand Kirkire has tried his best to bring the soul to the song. However, the song is neither great, nor good, but okay-okay to listen once. 


Singers: Suhaas Shetty, Jugnu Ishiqui
Composer: Sidhartha Suhaas
Lyricist: Suhaas Shetty

It might enter reminding you Yo Yo Honey Singh, but soon realises that the song is just like other compositions of the album. The energy falls too down in between. The swag wakes you up for moments, but it also doesn't work to pick up the song. This song seems a weirdest poem of a young boy. The monotonous composition of Sexy Wala song is not at all a catchy one. It comes and goes on a similar pitch and track. Thumps down for the lyrics (biggest disappointment)!

Yeh Dil Jane Na

Singers: Shipra Goyal, Ankit Dayal
Composer: Sidhartha Suhaas
Lyricist: Kumaar

Guitar strumming is the only thing that catches your attention in Ye Dil Jane Na song, especially in the middle part. The male voice's texture gives it a feel of an album song. The female voice is with no highs or lows. This is a soft track of the Crazy Cukkad Family album. However being a song with no highlights in both composition and vocal expression, the song becomes dull to ears.

The Bottom Line: Music Review of Crazy Cukkad Family Album

The music album of Crazy Cukkad Family is low in energy and vocal expressions. Only the title track is a musical one that doesn't loose its pace. Chand Yeh by Swanand Kirkire is also a good attempt. Other songs at many places serve you a monotonous tuning which is the biggest minus of the album and makes it getting 1.5 out of 5. 

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