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Khamoshiyan Music Review: Khamoshiyan | Bheeg Loon | Baatein | Tu Har | Subhan Allah | Kya Khoya

Gurmeet, Ali, Sapna starer Bollywood movie Khamoshiyan songs and music review
Gurmeet, Ali, Sapna starer Khamoshiyan movie songs: Bheeg Loon, Kya Khoya, Subhan Allah, Baatein Ye, Khamoshiyan, Tu Har lamha

Album Verdict
Album Rating
3 stars
Music Composers: Ankit Tiwari, Jeet Gannguli, Naved Jafar, Bobby-Imran
Singers: Prakriti Kakar, Ankit Tiwari, Arijit Singh, Palak Mucchal, Imran Ali, Naved Jafar, Anupam Amod
Lyricists: Rashmi Singh, Abhendra Upadhyay, Sayeed Quadri 
Star Cast: Sapna Pabbi, Ali Fazal, Gurmeet Choudhary
Music Label of Khamoshiyan: Sony Music Entertainment India 
Music Director: Karan Darra
Music Producers: Mukesh Bhatt, Mahesh Bhatt
No. of Mp3 Songs in Khamoshiyan Album: 12
Length of Khamoshiyan Music Album: 50:19

Khamoshiyan Music Review

Mahesh Bhatt had been a confident director for the music of Khamoshiyan; after the release of its songs you get to know the reason. Khamoshiyan music album offers the compositions of Ankit Tiwari, Jeet Gannguli, Naved Jafar and Imran-Bobby. All the singers and three lyricists for Khamoshiya's tracks have done their job pretty well. It offers two remix and one unplugged version too.

Ankit Tiwari and Jeet Gannguli are not new to give successful performances to a Bhatt's project; they repeat what they had done with their previous work. Bobby-Imran and Naved Jafar are a surprise to the composers' list, and they also do not disappoint. They do not serve with a mind blowing pieces too though, but whatever they have come up with, it blends with the album. 

Khamoshiyan Songs: Online Video Songs of Khamoshiyan movie with details, Review and Rating

Tu Har Lamha

Singer: Arijit Singh
Composer: Bobby-Imran
Lyricist: Sayeed Quadri

The soothing guitar strumming begins the songs Tu Har Lamha, and then enters the heartwarming voice of Arijit Singh.

"Wakif to hue" reminds of Kalyug movie's "Juda Hoke Bhi" song. Well, thank god the tune changeds and didn't allow to say it a song that is copied.  

The visual brings silent chemistry between Ali Fazal and Sapna Pabbi. And the mysterious quotient walks side-by-side.

All the straight notes are sung brilliantly by Arijit in the song. Even without vibrato his notes come right at the required point. The track is good at both high and low pitches. Bobby-Imran have done a justifiable job as composer for Tu Har Lamha song which is penned by Sayeed Quadri.


Singer: Arijit Singh
Composer: Jeet Gannguli
Lyricist: Rashmi Singh

Arijit Singh has successfully embellished the title track of Khamoshiyan with his magical voice. Other than the music that is given by Jeet Gannguli, the lyrical of this track also captures you. Khamoshiyan are described as awaz, raaz, saaz, and alfaaz here, which have made the song speak deeper. The lyrics are written brilliantly and thoughtfully by Rashmi Singh which makes  you think over it.

Usually the Khamoshiyan remain unspoken in our lives. We never even give it a try. Where the fact is, the street of Khamoshiyan also can be loud and make you hear a lot. If one wants to hum the silence, it can come up with the most touching notes. 

The played words and music in the gears of nature as river, sky, etc are spoke and sung in the song. This way, the track suggests the beauty of silence in rivers, sky, rain drops and the flaming heart.

The entire Khamoshiyan track lets you witness the spectacular beauty in the background, which is splendidly captured by the director. The song offers flower-valley, sea, mountains, and green plot which looks serene altogether.  

Baatein Yeh Kabhi Na (Male Version)

Singer: Arijit Singh
Composer: Jeet Gannguli
Lyricist: Sayeed Quadri

The urge and plea made in the song Baatein Yeh Kabhi Na are soulfully sung by Arijit Singh. The song is not with many highlights in singing still the notes of this simple composition by Jeet Gangguli touché you. It manages to bound you. The flute piece is the most attractive music in the entire song.

Baatein Yeh Kabhi Na  (Female Version)

Singer: Palak Mucchal
Composer: Jeet Gannguli
Lyricist: Sayeed Quadri

Palak's soft voice has come up as sweet as sugar in the song, which is perked up with soothing music by Jeet Gannguli and quirky lyrics by Sayeed Quadri. Palak Mucchal's melodious voice is too likeable, on which instruments have worked like almost perfect icing on the sweet cake. The initial techno sound that comes couple of times in the song is perhaps put in to create the mystery aura, but disappointments as that doesn't go with this soft, melodious song. As the song leads, it grows in you and hooks. Baatein Ye Kabhi Na's lyricist Sayeed Quadri has kept it simple and connected. 

Kya Khoya

Singer: Naved Jafar
Composer: Naved Jafar
Lyricist: Rashmi Singh

The way it enters, it grabs you. The engagement and mood spoils with the chorus. The track is filled with too much energy with the chorus which makes the song noisy sometimes. And its repetitive use disappoints more. The song could have been a likeable composition, but unfortunately it falls with it. Kya Khoya Kya Paya is written by Rashmi Singh, which brings rocking electric guitar strumming too. However, being the singer, composer, and a new bee, Naved Jafar's work is this good to be noticed. 

Subhan Allah

Singer: Anupam Amod, Imran Ali
Composer: Bobby-Imran
Lyricist: Sayeed Quadri

Another version of Tu Har Lamha, Subhan Allah by Bobby-Imran has completely different lyrics by Sayeed Quadri. The classical touch of tabla and bass have amazingly lighted the song. The mild guitar strum instead of rock arrangement has brought a beautiful fusion. The voice textures of singers Anupam Amod and  Imran Ali go well with the composition; thought Arijit's vocal stands tall in front of them. Yet the overall track of Subhan Allah sound more capturing because of instruments' replacement.  

Bheeg Loon  (Male Version)

Singer: Ankit Tiwari
Composer: Ankit Tiwari
Lyricist: Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay

Ankit Tiwari has nailed it. Everything from his lazy singing to deep vocal have worked just right for what was required for Bheeg Loon song. Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay's lyrics are complemented by Ankit Tiwari's composition. The music supports, but the voice modulation by Bheeg Loon song's singer Ankit Tiwari remains the highlight. Extreme, forceful and strong feel have made the song intense and impactful.

Bheeg Loon  (Female Version)

Singer: Prakriti Kakar
Composer: Ankit Tiwari
Lyricist: Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay

Prakriti Kakar has sung the song Bheeg Loon with her too good vocal expressions. Her attractive voice solely works wonder, and when the composition lifts it more, there comes a package you can't deny. After listening to the powerful presentation by Ankit Tiwari, this female version of Bheeg Loon was not expected to match that bar, but it surprises. Prakriti recreates the same with her singing. 

Khamoshiyan (Unplugged)

Singer: Arijit Singh
Composer: Jeet Gannguli
Lyricist: Rashmi Singh

Arijit's magical voice texture is brilliantly used in throughout the music album of Khamoshiyan. This small unplugged version of Khamoshiyan song is no exception. The music defines the secrecy, mystery and silence with its composition. It is the an apt title track for the theme of this thriller movie. 

Tu Har Lamha (Remix)

Singer: Arijit Singh
Composer: Bobby-Imran
Lyricist: Sayeed Quadri
Remix by: DJ Angel

The remix version is actually an exhausted version of Tu Har Lamha. The original one is better for sure. Wherever Tu Har Lamha ends, it sounds like a frustrated Cassette. Such a techno sound is often used in remix songs, and sometimes they work too. But this remix version could have been better without it. The similar parts of original version with lesser experiments to make it remix are okay. 

Bheeg Loon (Remix)

Singer: Prakriti Kakar
Composer: Ankit Tiwari
Lyricist: Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay
Remix by: DJ Angel

Prakriti Kakar's voice and subtle remixing have made it a soft remix and a good one. It is perky, pappy, and foot tapping for even those who usually don't like the dhinchak-dhinchak of remixed tracks. After the way Prakriti has sung, the major credit goes to the maker of this song as well.

The Bottom Line: Music Review of Khamoshiyan Album

The entire Khamoshiyan album nowhere allows you to say it dull, boring or unlikeable. It might not get the success of Ashiqui 2, but it undoubtedly has the sparkles to bound you. More than couple of songs have the repeat value too. Khamoshiyan is a winning music album which will not take off from your mind silently, but will remain with you after listening to it. The songs of Khamoshiyan get 3 out of 5.

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