Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lovey-Dovey Ayushmann & Pallavi Sizzled in Poster-Frames of Hawaizaada

Ayushmann and Pallavi romancing in a shot of Hawaizaada movie

Pallavi & Ayushmann Romancing in Latest Official Theatrical Poster of Bollywood Movie Hawaizaada

How a scientist will look in his 'love-struck' mode, Hawaizaada poster has beautifully portrayed in a romantic posture capturing Ayushmann Khurrana and his girl in the movie, Pallavi Sharda. Ayushmann seems to play his roles too intensely, be it the lover of his girl or Hawaizaada who dreams to fly.

New Hawaizaada Poster: Pallavi Sharda and Ayushmann Khurrana captured in a frame

The recently shared poster of Hawaizaada has captured the two on a heart-shaped podium. The still has come up with a picturesque pose with paintings and tinny dim lamps in background. 

Pallavi is not only the heroine of Hawaizaada, but also an inspiration to the hero playing Shivkar Bapuji Talpade. Someone has said right that a woman plays an important role in a guy's success!

Poster of Hawaizaada Movie Featuring Ayushmann Khurrana

Hawaizaada Poster: Ayushmann Khurrana dreaming with his airplane
Hawaizaada Poster: Ayushmann Khurrana flying in his airy fairy world
The first sight of poster gives glimpse of an animated movie that has its own world. It looks like an artistic painting of beautiful blue sky with shades of clouds, which is embellished with the peace blown by white pigeons. Ayushmann is playing the role of an unsung Indian hero who had been in rumors to create the first airplane, eight years ago of Wright Brothers who are originally credited to flew it. So how come he doesn't flaunt his creation, his tiny airplane?! 

First Poster of Ayushmann Khurrana's Hawaizaada

Hawaizaada Poster: Ayushmann with his airplane
First Poster of Hawaizaada: Ayushmann Khurrana in a genius student's look, set to fly in his airplane
The hero in a student's uniform looks like the most studious boy of his class. His failure for eight times in fourth class seems contradictory to his appearance here. However, who knew the ordinary looking guy was set to surprise the world with his flying machine?!

Will Ayushmann Khurrana will also be able to surprise with his team Hawaizaada? How well the director Vibhu Puri has filmed the biopic? Would the film too be marking its name like its historic story-line? Stay tuned to catch the reviews!

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