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Mumbai Can Dance Saalaa Music and Songs Review

Ashima, Prashant and Rakhi Sawant starer Bollywood movie Mumbai Can Dance Saalaa songs and music review
Ashima, Prashant and Rakhi Sawant starer Mumbai Can Dance Saalaa movie songs: Permission, Mahiya, Mumbai Can Dance Saalaa, Salame Salame, Shake My Kamariya, Maula Maula

Album Verdict
Album Rating
2 stars
Music Composer: Bappi Lahiri 
Singers: Shaan, Alka Yagnik, Sunidhi Chouhan, Mamta Sharma, Kalpana, Vinod Rathore, Ritu Pathak 
Lyricists: Taufique Pallavi, Dr. Deepak Sneh, Shabbir Ahmed, Naresh Karwala
Star Cast: Ashima Sharma, Prashant, Rakhi Sawant
Music Label: Zee Music Company
No. of MP3 Songs in Mumbai Can Dance Saala Album: 06
Length of Mumbai Can Dance Saala Music Album: 30:53

Mumbai Can Dance Saala Music Review

Mumbai Can Dance Saalaa songs and music reminds the olden era of Disco Dancer. Yes, the signature music of Bappi Lahiri is pretty noticeable while listening to music album of Mumbai Can Dance Saala movie.

What disappoints is the couple of songs that matches with the songs composed by other music composers like Sajid-Wajid and Aadesh Shrivastava. Alas and alack! With due respect to Bappi Daa, many beats of them seem Jaani-Pahchani and after hitting your brain hard, you recognize that as wellBappi Lahiri's three or four compositions had been in rumors to be copied by others previously too. Sometimes perhaps some songs make their spaces so tight that it gets difficult to get over of them.

Anyhow, other than the above let's have a glance on what good and average is their in this Bappi Lahiri's basket of music! 

Ashima, Prashant, Rakhi Sawant starer Mumbai Can Dance Saala Songs: Online Video Songs of Mumbai Can Dance Saala movie with details, Review and Rating


Singers: Shaan, Alka Yagnik
Composer: Bappi Lahiri
Lyricist: Taufique Pallavi 

Guitar piece and Alka Yagnik with an alaap in her melodious voice have given perfect beginning to the track. A romantic composition 'Mahiya' by Bappi Lahiri is perked up with two soulful voices of Alka Yagnic and Shaan. Flute piece in between the song is also catchy other than guitar stumming. The song's video has given all efforts from hero flaunting his guitar to that lehraata dupatta of heroine to drawn name of the couple in a heart on the wall, but the things are not coming naturally, and looking like a set-up more. However, the audio doesn't loose its soul at all and in fact is good enough for repeat value too. 

Mumbai Can Dance Saala

Singer: Sunidhi Chouhan
Composer: Bappi Lahiri
Lyricist: Dr. Deepak Sneh

Mumbai Ki Laila is the title track among Mumbai Can Dance Saala songs, which fails to make an extra-ordinary impact that it 'could have'. The initial six seconds that give the beginning beats to set your ear, suddenly change to another track that seems a flaw of editing while hearing. However the song picks up again and you get a typical Bappi Lahiri music that he is known for. Even the emphasized and exaggerated alphabets of 'MUSIC':

'M' for music
'U' for ulfat
'M' for maza
'B' for beauty
'A' for aashiq
'I' for ishqa

...brings Mithun Chakraborty's Disco Dancer song in front of eyes. Sunidhi Chauhan has done her job pretty well in the song.

What disappoints is, the choreography seems lacking the flow of desired energy in front of music. It has loopholes. Some parts go off-root to the chilling expressions. 

Shake My Kamariya

Singer: Mamta Sharma
Composer: Bappi Lahiri
Lyricist: Shabbir Ahmed

Penned by Shabbir Ahmed and sung by Mamta Sharma reminds you the era of a 90's. The song suddenly picks the beats in beginning and you watch the debutante Ashima Shamra on the dance floor.

Do you remember the song "Dupatte Ka Pallu Kidhar Ka Kidhar Hai" filmed on Shilpa Shetty? If yes then you also can sing "I Shake My Kamariya to Mumbai Hile" correctly without listening the song. The tunes of both are evidently similar. 

Salame Salame

Singer: Kalpana
Composer: Bappi Lahiri
Lyricist: Taufique Pallavi 

Salame Salame is one of the musical songs of Mumbai Can Dance Saala movie. The soundtrack is sung by Kalpana in just right mood. It's a peppy song of its genre. 

De Di Permission

Singers: Vinod Rathore, Ritu Pathak 
Composer: Nitin Shankar
Lyricist: Shabbir Ahmed

Here comes De Di Permission which brings Rakhi Sawant to the light. And what I get to write is I again feel the similar beats of a song by other composer. You must have heard the peppy song "Dhadhang Dhang" from Akshay-Sonakshi starer Rowdy Rathore. This "Strongly Ye Jadu Tera Mujhpe Chal Gaya" song was composed by Sajid-Wajid. I think the song's jaadu was too high on this Bappi Lahiri too. Otherwise, there is no reason to repeat the music of other composer throughout the song. 

Maula Maula

Composer: Nitin Shankar
Lyricist: Naresh Karwala

Maula Maula is a song that gives glimpse of present time's composer and fresh vibes right from starting, after listening to rest of the album. Making high hopes from the song may disappoint though, yet it is not bad to avoid too.

The song seems like a personal album's song which is decently composed by Nitin Sarkar and given words by Naresh Karwala.

The Bottom Line: Music Review of Mumbai Can Dance Saalaa Album

With focusing on the controversial bar dancer's life events in the story of the movie, the album is musical enough. Mahiya is one good in MCDS movie's music album. Other songs perhaps go as per desire of the movie's story, but are not that strong to give space in your playlist.

The copying glimpses in Bappi Lahiri's compositions disappoint you, leaving you wish it wouldn't have happened. However with all good plus plagiarism plus average, I give the album 2 out of 5.

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