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Child Nutrition: Protein Nutrient Helps in Growth? How?

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Child Nutrition: Protein nutrient for growth
Protein nutrient as a growth element and vital nutrition for kids

Protein is the hero of our body-house as it is the basic building brick for various structures of our physic. Our cells and tissues are made of them and they also get functional because of protein. Not only a single function, but there are many processes that depend on them.

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Protein: A Vital Child Nutrient

As protein promotes normal growth, it is a vital nutrient for newborn babies. Infants or growing ones need high amount of protein than people at other life-stages. Perhaps that is why nature has also blessed the lactating mothers with milk having comparatively higher protein amount. This protein amount plays an important role in the healthy growth of tissues in the babies’ body as one needs the protein nutrient highest while running in growing stage.

Protein Requirement as a Growth Element: How Protein Nutrient Helps in Growth of Body?

Let’s dive into some data to know about the percentage protein in a mother’s milk after she gave birth to a baby!

  • Protein for a New Born
  • 8th to 11th day: 2.38%
  • 20th to 40th day: 1.79%
  • 70th to 120th day: 1.49%
  • 170th day and in further days: 1.07%

From earlier stages to later days of growth, the percentage of protein content declines. In beginning days, the relatively high amount protein content ensures the rapid growth. Later the growth rate declines, and so the percentage protein. Interestingly, the amount of protein in a mother’s milk is approximately the same in vegetables and fruits (grapes: 1.3%, raspberries: 1.5%, and dates: 2.2%.

We can understand this fact with comparing various lactating creatures too. In most of the animals, they need the protein as the highest essential nutrient at a stage of doubling their weight. Here you are the comparison of percentage protein found in lactating mother's milk that gives an eye-opening fact.

Percentage of Protein in Mother's Milk
Days to Double the Weight of New Born

Protein for Child Nutrition

The above data clearly states:
Percentage of protein in mother's milk is inversely proportional to days to double the weight of new born.

In other language:
The lower a lactating mother's milk contains the amount of protein, the higher is the rate of number of days that a new born takes to double its weight.


The higher a lactating mother's milk contains the amount of protein, the lower is the rate of number of days that a new born takes to double its weight.

This is what the power and importance of protein nutrient in the growth rate.

Protein for Kids: How Much Protein for A Child?

However it is also necessary to realize that the amount of protein present in a mother's milk or in ordinary natural food is lower than amount in recommended high protein eatables, such as nuts, meat, grains, and legumes. When it is about high protein foods, then we need to question their necessity to our body.  And we must take intake protein according to our body requirement that depends on our daily activities.

Child Nutrition: How Protein Nutrient Promotes Growth Rate of Body?

Protein Structure

Proteins are those huge complex compounds that are made of various combinations of smaller amino acids’ arrangements. Proteins incorporate these amino acids in a pile or stake-like structure, that is, one on top of another. Thus they make a cells’ wall.

Protein Metabolism

Our body mechanism breaks the amino acids, and the process of repair and replacement keeps going continuously. When we perform exercise or our daily work out, we pull amino acids from the structure of protein. This is used to repair the damaged muscle tissues and also to build new ones.

Well to help body grow is just one of proteins function; it helps in hormonal production too. Protein has contribution in supporting the mechanisms of immune system as well. Here comes another surprise! It is known that protein is not a direct source of huge energy, but when other energy sources are not available to our body, protein is the treasure from where our body gets energy. Yes, in form of calories, this macronutrient remains present to get burnt when needed. Thus it fulfills the place of fats and carbohydrates.

This was all about pulling the amino acids (protein) from food that we take and use them wherever needed in body. But what about the excess stuff? It is excreted through urine.

Protein Need Per Day

Not only kids, but people with every age need to intake protein daily. Our body can do wonders but unfortunately it doesn't know the way to store protein. This calls for its daily consumption in an adequate amount.

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    1. Well, home remedies are somewhat different, natural, and less prone to leave side-effects, but I suggest a person should visit the doctor before taking any medication like recommended above.

  2. The best nutrition for kids are very necessary for their growth and good health my purpose is only to help and to provide good & natural nutrition to those parents.

    1. Happy to know that you are extending your help in this field. Yes, "nutrition" is not just a term, it is imperative to give attention towards this, especially in case of children who are in growing age.

  3. Healthy food for a kids is very necessary to there growth proper protein and good food is important to kids body they help them to grow faster.

    1. Right Priyanka, we live a hectic life and many a times skip our meals or pay lesser concern on our diet which results in unhealthy physic or malnutrition. The alarming fact is, the bad effects appear on later stages.

      I hope our words will be able to grab the attention of parents and even kids; and the chain of awareness will help more to understand how important is this in current time.

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