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10 Reasons Why Boxer Madhavan & Jhalli Ritika Look Promising in Saala Khadoos Trailer

Boxer R Madhavan teaching boxing to Ritika Singh as Coach Adi in Saala Khadoos
R. Madhavan as Adi and Ritika Singh as Madhi boxing in a still of Saala Khadoos movie

Even the Khadoos side of R. Madhavan could be so appealing, no one knew before watching him as a banished boxing coach of impetuous Ritika Singh in Rajkumar Hirani’s Saala Khaddos movie. Everything from dialogues to get-up to the performances, both Boxer Maddy and Jhalli Patakha Ritika have looked like nailing their characters. Let’s know all those 10 reasons behind why the trailer of Saala Khadoos movie looks so promising!

R. Madhavan as Banished Coach Adi Is the First and Prime Reason

People have loved Maddy in Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein and Tanu Weds Manu sequels for his charming hero’s personality. His tough side as Adi in Saala Khadoos is a surprise, plus a treat to watch. The way he is presented with hot-blood character of Boxer Adi, he remains the highlight. His toned stiff body, messy hair, and untrimmed beard adds up to his character. Over these all, his carefree boiling attitude seems heroic in its own way. R. Madhavan justifies the role banished coach Adi with his looks and acting.

Ritika Singh as an Arrogant Fisherwoman Madhi, Standing Shoulder to Shoulder with R. Madhavan

What else could have been paired opposite Boxer Madhavan than a Jhalli, Pagali – Madhi which is amazingly played by Ritika Singh in the film?! She is an arrogant fisherwoman who loves her freedom and is fiery enough to fight for her sovereignty.

The Combination of Khadoos Maddy and Jhalli Pagali Ritika

Saala Khadoos R. Madhavan Ritika Singh boxing as Adi and Madhi
Saala Khadoos movie still featuring the boxer R. Madhavan as Adi and his student Ritika Singh as Madhi

Where Maddy is rigor, Ritika Singh is rebellion which makes them an amazing combination. Madhavan, as a banished boxer Adi, could not get a born talented girl like Madhi for getting gold medal of World Championship, which was his dream. But to make her a champion from a raw talent was not that easy. Maddy had to make her a disciplined boxer with measured fire because an impetuous behavior had to be tamed for reaching the goal. So how Maddy made it possible is something which will be worth watching.

An Impossible Journey Makes the Story Powerful

Sudha Kongara has written the story of Saala Khadoos. The journey of an arrogant girl from fisherwoman to world boxing champion is a huge story in itself, despite it had to happen in nine months. The circumstances and pressure of time make it an impossible journey and at the same time an interesting story.

Director Sudha Kongara and Rajkumar Hirani Know Their Job Very Well!

We have seen Rajkumar Hirani’s work which gets foundation of in-depth research and detailing. Under his Production Banner, Sudha Kongara has not only written the story of Saala Khadoos but also directed it. As a director, her role becomes challenging when she had to film a movie which relies on a dream-come-true story of a boxer, instead of glamour quotient which is the common formula for a Bollywood film. Her work appears impressive in the trailer and ignites desire to see how she continues the spark in throughout the film, making it an entertaining Bollywood film.

The Music Fits to the Visuals

Music Director Santhosh Narayanan and Lyricist Swanand Kirkire make it a strong team. The music might not be the one to score what a chartbuster does, but will go one-on-one from film’s perspective, as the trailer suggests.

Provoking Dialogues Are Spilled with Right Intensity

Amitabh S. Varma and Manoj Tapadia have hit the chords right with their dialogues (in the trailer). They are not too heavy to let you jump on your seats, yet served well.

The Madness! R. Madhavan and Ritika Singh Don Correct Looks with Banging Attitude

Throughout the trailer you feel madness in Madhavan and Ritika Singh’s characters. This is one of the foremost reasons why Saala Khadoos trailer doesn’t leave its energy. Madhavan’s hotheaded wild behavior as boxer and Ritika’s impulsive attitude keeps you involved and stuck to it.

The messy look of lead actors Maddy and Ritika substantiates for what was required. Both are in their typical boxer’s garb with a banging attitude.

Action! Ritika’s Boxing Seems Set to Knockout the Viewers!

No need to mention here, R. Madhavan is acting with his presence too. His fans are going to love his work, but this film will be a worth marking one in Ritika Singh’s career too. Ritika is nowhere looking a typical Bollywood heroine, which is a plus to her performance in Saala Khadoos. She is looking absolutely prepared for what she is given. Her intensity is an explosion whenever she is playing a boxer in the shots or seen in action. Hope the film also gets a positive reaction.

Can’t Ignore- … Saala Khadoos Reminds Chak De India!

The storyline where the relationship of a coach and his untamed student is shown, the film reminds of Chak De India and the hero of the film- Shah Rukh Khan too. Though Madhavan is going to play a coach plus friend for Ritika, yet you can’t stop Chak De India coming in the back of your mind. This increases the curiosity more that how critics will take this as Saala Khadoos looks pretty promising from both actors and presentation’s point of view.

Watch Online Official Trailer of Rajkumar Hirani’s Saala Khadoos

Enjoy below the trailer of Saala Khadood starring R. Madhavan and Ritika Singh!

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