Wednesday, December 9, 2015

"It's a Girl!" Proud Parents Rani Mukherjee, Aditya Chopra Name Baby Daughter Adira!

It's a Girl! Proud Parents Rani Mukherji, Aditya Chopra Name Baby Daughter Adira!
Proud parents Rani Mukherji and Aditya Chopra name baby daughter Adira!

"It's a Girl!" And everyone is happy for the proud parents Rani Mukherji and Aditya Chopra who named their newly born baby daughter- Adira. If you are curious about finding the meaning of Adira, this belongs to the names of Aditya and Rani as Aditya's 'Adi' and Rani's 'Ra' is combined to name her 'Adira'.

Rani was headed to Breach Candy Hospital the previous night and their she gave birth to a baby girl this morning. Rishi Kapoor was the first to inform this good news through twitter. He was then followed by Uday Chopra who shared his joy about niece Adira.

Rani Aditya Chopra
Rani Mukherjee and Aditya Chopra

Where Aditya Chopra is a name that is taken with a lot of reverence for his intense contribution to the Bollywood as director, Rani Mukherjee is a diva who has gained love from both audiences and critics through her powerful acting. Not only the close ones and Bollywood celebs, but all the fans are also happy and extending their wishes to the couple and daughter.

Rani Mukherji and Aditya Chopra also came ahead with their words, where Rani Mukherji thanked her fans, friends, and well-wishers for their wishes, blessings, and unconditional support. Rani is happy with the beginning of this new chapter of their lives. The actress also showed her gratitude to God saying this – the greatest gift of God.

Wishing good wishes to Aditya and healthy life to Rani and little baby!

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