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8 Fasting or Dieting Results: Is Fast Good or Bad for Your Health?

Clip art of a girl joining hands in fast and thinking of food | 8 fasting or dieting results: Is fast good or bad for your health?
Clip-art of a fast-keeping girl joining hand to remember the God and thinking of food in fasting!

Whether we belong to any generation, our colourful India gives us many festive occasions and beliefs to keep fast and delight our God. Probably, grand parents wish their family to be happy and bonded; uncle-aunties ask for more bucks in their safe; grown-ups demand for beautiful kudi or handsome dude to be their mates; and kids want candies or good numbers in their mark sheets! We all have our own desires and dreams, and we bribe our almighty with fasts to get them fulfilled. How intelligent!

Some keep fast to do dieting also; for them, it is the golden mantra to get their body toned or maintain a slim physic.

But at the time of fasting, do we think about it's consequences on our health? Many researches have been done to know whether dieting or fasting is good or bad for health. Let us dive on some findings and know the biological facts!

When Fasting is Beneficial? Is Dieting Good for Health?

Our regular eating process makes the body perform its digestive duties constantly. The consumption of nutritions from the food and other digestion process also result to some putrid waste. This waste and damaged cells accumulates at the point of toxaemia. When our body resistance breaks, it leads to diseases.

When we are on dieting or keep fast, the absence of food makes our body utilising the stored food. In this process, the fat is burned and used to generate energy for body activities. During this, the digestive system is put on rest, and so the energy used by digestive system is liberated. This energy is automatically used to cleanse the other body process. This eliminates the impurities and clogged toxins. Thus, the system gets rejuvenated and repaired. The whole process helps maintaining the usual tone of the digestive system.

Good Results on Health: 8 Benefits of Dieting or Fasting

Guards health
Maintains the tone of digestion by putting it on rest
Eliminates the toxins
Cleanse the impurities
Repairs and rejuvenates the system
Helps in burning the stores fat
Facilitates mental stability
Promotes long life

Bad for Health: Beware! Say No to Dieting or Fasting If...

Balanced dieting or fasting is surely a golden mantra for a maintained tone of digestive apparatus, but beware of too much dieting! Where lack of energy sources can cause weakness, lack of nutrition can cause serious disorders or diseases too. It is good for health if you burn some extra calories from your fat-store, but this works only in case of following a proper nutritious diet in other days.

Well, the best rule is to exercise or work-out enough and eat whatever to want! And yes, after following a balanced nutritious diet and a tight work out schedule, even a doctor or any research will also allow you to eat that occasional plate of pani-puri or chaat!

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