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20 Exciting Ways to Enjoy Rain

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Enjoy rain like a kid in yellow raincoat and rubber boots with umbrella near paper boats
A kid in yellow rain coat and boots enjoying rain with a smile bellow umbrella. Colorful paper boats floating on street with pride.

Whether you close your eyes and feel that sound of rain, smell that soothing fragrance of soil or go in open to embrace the raindrops, you use whatever ways to enjoy rain; this one of the most pleasant gifts of nature is worth admiring a million of times.

You exhibit a serious kind of personality or fun-loving in front of others, rainy season makes you a child at heart. You tend to smile, sing, dance and indeed jump in rain-water. Rainy season is indeed a blessing for all.

But alas and alack! Many of us forget to welcome this blessing out of our too much busy schedule, just the way we have started to skip offering prayers to the God. If you are also one of them, who is still clinging to that work-desk while it is raining out, trust me you are missing what sky is bestowing with open arms, just for you.

Stand! Move! And let your hand peak from your window to collect some raindrops in your palm. If this is not your idea of enjoying, then keep reading and select your idea from below 20 exciting ways to enjoy rain.

Run to Your Terrace and Welcome the Rain

Become a kid and rush to terrace before the rain bids farewell. Look up with closed eyes, open your hands wide and let those tiny rain-drops cuddle you and take away all your worries and blues. Give a warm welcome to the beautiful pearls coming to you from sky.

Go to the Lawn or Backyard and Dance Madly in Rain

If you are a shy person and afraid that your neighbors will have a glance of your child avatar, visit the garden in your backyard and accompany your green plants which become greener after getting a wash by nature’s shower. Even the colorful flowers appear brighter in rain. Take a shower with them or make them your audience and let them watch you getting wild while dancing madly.

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Open the Window or Visit Your Balcony

If you think that cold might visit your body or want to just sooth your eyes, open the closest window of your room or visit the balcony to witness rain. How about the idea of sipping a cup of tea with relishing pakodas or bread rolls?

Enjoy a Long Drive with Your Beloved One When it’s Drizzling Around

If you want to spend some time with the person you love the most, then what can be more exciting than enjoying a long drive when your beloved one gives you company sitting right next to you. Make your moments a memory to cherish life time and see how they keep bringing the sweet smiles to your lips every so often.

Walk the Road in Rain with Umbrella and Rubber Boots

Do you want to be in touch with raining water but don’t want that your clothes get wet in the rain? Here is the best idea for you. Take that colorful umbrella that is eating dust from a long, don your cozy rubber boots and you are set to go. Wear a smile and walk the road. See, how rain is just around you and saying hello to you!

Sail Your Tiny Boats in Rain Water

When it is bucketing down, the rainwater makes small-small rivers on the streets and gives you an opportunity to sail your own crafted boats. You can also enjoy a healthy competition with your siblings, parents or neighbors and have fun while identifying that whose boat crashes last.

Just Feel the Raindrops

So, nothing from above works for you because you are too sluggish or tired of going out and exploring? Just keep your senses opened. Watch the small round waves made by tiny raindrops in the collected water on streets. Smell that refreshing fragrance of soil that makes you closer to nature. Listen to the rhythm of rain which is played in a random pattern yet is all-time chartbuster for every heart.

Let Your Kitchen See You Cooking with that Chef’s Cap

As soon as we see the sky lowering, our appetite for eating starts rising high and sooner become insatiable. There comes a call from the kitchen to see your cooking skills. If this is your case too, don’t turn your head from that call. Just don that chef’s cap and cook for whatever your heart demands. To eat your favorite dish is another pleasure of this world.

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Soothe Your Taste Buds with Sizzling Food

When you have worked hard to prepare your favorite cuisine and its smell has started tempting you, then what are you waiting for? It’s time to enjoy that sizzling food in pleasantly rainy cold.

Listen to Your Favorite Tracks with Coffee Watching Raindrops

Coffee in rain is something that nobody can deny for. And when your favorite track can be played, then what else can one want to make that atmosphere perky?

Explore Your Hobby

Creative people crave for such a pleasant atmosphere as this is the best set-up to arouse their creativity to come up with the best out of their skills. Rainy season comes as the best time for exploring your hobbies.

Don Your Overshoes &Test Your Photographic Skills in Rain

Doesn’t matter you are a photographer or not. If you have your overshoes and camera with you, you are at the top of the world and all that beauty out there is for you to capture. And trust me, when it is about photography, this season is the perfect one to get the best outputs. If you do not want to go out, just visit your garden and take some close up shots.

Watch Your Favorite Movie

Where some people enjoy every aspect of rain, some make long faces thinking of mud, hurdles in transportation and getting blocked to accomplish market jobs. If you are also one of them, just keep those tensions of daily chores aside and take it positively seeing this as an opportunity of watching your favorite movie in pleasant weather.

Probe Your Shelf to Read a Romantic, Mysterious or Fictional Novel

For people who love to read, going for a novel is one of the best ideas for this rain. You can play some soft tracks as well with this and dive into a new world.

Get Warm in Your Soft Cozy Bed

Do you have nothing to do? Or you are willing nothing to do? In both circumstances, give your face into the pillow and get warmth in your blanket and cozy soft bed.

Don’t Forget Your Family, Get Them Involved

Happiness is something which doubles if you share with someone. Rain in the rainy season can perk up your mood but if you want to feel that sheer bliss, don’t forget to involve your family in your happiness. If you are going on terrace or out, take your siblings with you to take a bath in rain. In fact, convince your loving parents also. Let them relive their childhood and see how those smiles rotate around. If you have turned to your kitchen’s way, cook for all family members and make it a memorable serve for all. In short, whatever you do, make your family a part of it.

Get Ready and Take a Selfie with Rain in Background

Are you a female reader? Then this might be your favorite option among all above. What can be more exciting for a girl than wearing her favorite top in which she looks slimmer and applying makeup to look the best for that selfie?! And what can be cooler than collecting likes or appreciating comments on social networks where you have shared your recently clicked selfie with rain in the background?

Enjoy a Rainy Romantic Date

Rainy weather is universally considered as the most romantic climate. Then why to wait and why not to go for a romantic date? Select your favorite dress and let your beloved one go crazy for you.

Try to Vanish Your Pains from Beauty of Nature, Beauty of Rain

Nature offers various colors of its beauty to make you happy from the bottom of your heart. Among those colors, rainy weather shows the brightest hues to change your mood. It has some powerful healing essence if you are ready to accept its treatment. Keep all the worries aside and let the beauty of nature vanish your sorrows. Enjoy every bit of it and let all your pains flow in that rainwater, leaving you empty for filling new hues of happiness.

Go Crazy!

Going crazy is the best mantra to enjoy the rain. No way can be better than this for living this weather to the fullest. Explore what makes you feel happy. Sing, dance, paint, capture photos, collect good memories, cook, eat, play, watch movies or relish with your family. Do whatever you want to. Go wherever you want to. But “Do not let this beautiful rain go in vain”. Welcome it! Enjoy it! Live it!

And do not forget to write below what is your idea of enjoying rain.

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