Thursday, August 4, 2016

Anamika Khanna Designed Romance for Sonam Kapoor When Time Stood Still

Sonam Kapoor in Anamika Khanna for romantic collection When Time Stood Still at India Couture Week 2016
Sonam Kapoor looking gorgeous in Anamika Khanna while being showstopper for When Time Stood Still

Anamika Khanna's Astounding Collection “When Time Stood Still”: A Romantic Treat at India Couture Week's Runway

The sensitive Fashion Designer Anamika Khanna filled India Couture's runway with incredible artistic experience. She tried to bring the feel of romance, not only at India Couture 2016’s runway, but also on the street of fashion trends. Yes, her collection was much about changing the trend instead of just presenting her designer pieces. As she feels that we need to take a move towards appreciating the real beautiful essences of life instead of just materialistic ones.

We do a lot of with Instagram and snapchat; we wake up over a Whatsapp; we don’t have time to feel beautiful things anymore. That is where she started. Anamika Khanna’s idea was to bring romance back in life. We need to get slow down; we need to feel a little bit; it needs to be sensitive, it needs to be emotional. So, she weaves romance to bring back the youthfulness.

When Time Stood Still to Feel the Emotions through Live Model Installation

Sonam Kapoor turned showstopper to support designer Anamika Khanna's romantic collection When Time Stood Still at India Couture Week
When Time Stood Still, Anamika Khanna brought romance and emotions on couture runway with showstopper Sonam Kapoor

Anamika Khanna brilliantly installed live model to showcase two tough-to-communicate elements, romance and time. The time was showed still while through tranquil models, showing people at party where some were busy with their mobiles. The concept was a brilliant attempt of luminous awakening when the time stood still, realizing that the moments were to feel the emotions. What a beautiful depiction!

What inside this Collection for Modern Women with Traditional Roots?

Anamika Khanna, a designer who has always been reluctant being not just a designer proves it again that she does it from heart. And when she was presenting a mesmerizing theme, it was all about hitting an attempt to give it a new perspective through art and design.

Without thinking of creating something blingy or jhatak or over the top or out of the box, it was all about changing the trend… creating the trend. Anamika marked the traditional hues too though, with bringing embroideries to her collection with kalamkari, zardozi and dori work.

Other than traditional weaves, the whole collection was dominated by the work with the tiny pearls. This modern Indian women’s collection was kept rooted with the traditional glimpses, inculcative the courageous spirits of experimenting. For example, saris were given a new avatar, making them the saree pieces for today’s women. The sharara was taken as inspiration and introduced in new ways. Other than them, the range also included the traditional odhna (odhni), skirts, and coats.

The beautiful designer wears by Anamika Khanna were given the base of shades like ivories, pastels, etc. Rose, oyster pink and powder blue with allusions of red and mustard kicked the collection, raising it to another level. Khanna collection saw the colors of romance mostly. This myriad of colors included beige, gold, white, salmon pink, fiery red and yellow. Contrarily some designs had got the bases of celadon green and black too. In Anamika’s range, georgette and organza remained her favorite pick for the fabrics.

Sonam Kapoor, much fascinated about Anamika Khanna’s designs, she didn’t come to the show to just walk, but to sit in the audience and enjoy too. She praised for the music, color and every feel around while her show. The diva looked stunning in Anamika Khanna. Sonam Kapoor is one of those fashionistas who know how to raise the temperature. Her effortless presence and divine smile made the couture show happening.

From embroidery, silhouette, color to romantic touch, every aspect of Anamika Khanna show just gave a happy, smiling feel to the couture runway.

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