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5 Daring yet Amusing Shots: Tiger is A Flying Jatt or Comic Superhero?

Tiger Shroff flying with Jacqueline Fernandes over sea water in night
Tiger Shroff taking his girl Jacqueline Fernandes to a sea ride

Here Tiger Shroff is playing A Flying Jatt who is a superhero of not only the airy fairy world of Jacqueline but of real world too, but gets afraid of a little flame after showing heroic deeds in fiery building; gets a messy landing hitting himself with a car after measuring the sky; and does much more that makes you wonder “he is A Flying Jatt or Comic Superhero?”

Directed and written by Remo D’Souza, A Flying Jatt is Bollywood’s superhero who unintentionally leaves you chuffed and chuckling with his comic presence. Take a glance on below incidents where you say “Aww!” for A Flying Jatt Tiger Shroff.

5 Daring yet Amusing Shots with Superhero Tiger

1. Tiger Saves a Girl from Fire and Gets Messy from Little Flame

Tiger Shroff in fire building action scene as A Flying Jatt
Fire all around Tiger Shroff!

Who says only we common people gets afraid of fire? You meet Remo D’Suza’s superhero. A screaming voice comes from somewhere “Meri bachi ko bachao”. Where everyone wonders saying only a miracle can save her, our superhero Jatt saves the girl from burning building.

Flying Jatt Tiger Shroff in fire action
Tiger Shroff doesn't care of fire all around him, but he does care if fire catches his finger!

On a fraction of second, the proud expressions depart leaving you with toothy grin when the superhero looks mishmashed because a small flame catches his finger.

2. A Flying Jatt Tiger is Afraid of Heights

People watching Tiger Shroff flying in air as superman Jatt
Tiger Shroff flying high like a rocket!

If you are known world-wide as a parachutist and hit yourself because of a bumpy landing, people might think it was a technical fault with the parachute. But what if you have an inbuilt skill of flying without parachute and known as a flying Jatt; still hit yourself with a car while landing after a proud fly?

3. Tiger Turns Superhero to Save a Lady, But the Lady Targets Him

Oh! He is out for saving a lady? Can he save himself efficiently? Well, here it was not his mistake. What will you do you go for saving a girl from goons and instead of goons, that girl attacks on you? What an awe-funny moment with our superhero!

4. Can’t A Superhero Wear an Ordinary Dress?

A Flying Jatt Tiger Shroff dress blue costume
Tiger Shroff in typical superhero costume!

Imagine a superhero! What you see? A dark red or blue colored dress, waving veil attached on shoulder, a mask to cover his eyes and identity. Right? But what will your reaction if you see a man wearing the same superhero dress in between the market or on a street with heavy rush? Somewhat similar happens with A Flying Jatt too. Elder people indeed scolds him saying “Ye kya pehna hai tune?”

Why nothing like this happened with any Hollywood superhero? We never found them amusing at least. We never laughed on skinny costume of Spiderman. Harry Potter was also a hero, but when he was learning to fly on his broom and used to fall often, why we never got even a smile? Well, this is the magic of Remo D’Suza who has brought an amusing hero in form of Tiger Shroff.

5. Even a Superhero’s Mom is Not Satisfied with Him! Where Do We Ordinary People Stand!

Tiger Shroff cleaning himome in spiderman pose with broomstick
Tiger Shroff flaunting Harry Potter's broom in spiderman's pose!

You can impress the world but to impress your parents is the most difficult job. You become whosoever, but your mom owns all rights to pull your ears and hit back. Tiger Shroff as Flying Jatt AKA Superhero is no exception.

Where the news channels are not ready to stop singing his daring deeds, do you know what he does that time in home? He holds a broomstick and sweeps the webs of walls. Plus, he enjoys slaps and earbashing from his mom.

You do whatever; your parents are never satisfied. Where everyone is craving to tap his back, his mom’s words are like that, “putar jaale to saaf ho gaye, shehar kab saaf hoga”. You can almost see your mom in Amrita Singh who is playing our Flying Jatt Tiger Shroff’s mom in this Bollywood film. Well! When Mata Yashoda used to pull the ears of Krishnaji who was an avatar of God, we are small fishes in front of him. Let’s accept our parents scolding us.

You Met A Flying Jatt, Where is His Competitor to Incite Tiger for Action?

Tiger Shroff action evening pic
An orange landscape watching Tiger Shroff performing his signature action step!

Tiger Shroff has to fight with the old madness and new powers of Nathan Jones who is a professional wrestler in real life and playing Raka in A Flying Jatt. He is inflated with supernatural powers, but “Jaako rakhe saaiya, maar sake na koi”. A mother’s prayers are as powerful as her screeching dialogues. You can always rely on her prayers.

Where Nathan Jones is set to win the world in film, and Tiger is set to collapse him down. But here also you get to watch full drama in Bollywood style where it is complemented with high power dialogues and phrases like below:

“Chidiyon se mein baaz tudaau
Gidado ko mein sher banaau
Sava lakh se ek ladaau
Tabe hi Govind Singh naam kahaau”

It is heavy man!

Our Flying Superhero Jatt Has Jacqueline to Romance

Jacqueline Fernandes smiling with flower leaves in pretty look
Tiger Shroff tingling Jacqueline Fernandes with flower leaves

What else the trailer of A Flying Jatt suggests about the film? Other than the bravery merged with humor, there is romance. Tiger Shroff has Jacqueline Fernandes as his lady love who is called Kriti in the movie.

Jacqueline Fernandes Tager Shroff romance in A Flying Jatt

You get to see Jacqueline enjoying an airy fairy world with her open eyes where Tiger Shroff is making her fly on sea water in presence of the glory of moon.

Jacqueline Fernandes flying on sky like fairy in Flying Jatt
Jacqueline Fernandes enjoying her fairy fly!

Have a look in below trailer!

A Flying Jatt Trailer: Watch Online Video!

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