Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Surprisingly Elegant Handmade Designs: Monsoon Diaries by Rahul Mishra

Elegant handmade bridal designs Monsoon Diaries by Rahul Mishra at India Couture Week 2016
A beautiful floral bridal collection Monsoon Diaries by Designer Rahul Mishra at India Couture Week 2016

Designer Rahul Mishra Introduced Beautiful Floral Designs to His Handmade Collection Monsoon Diaries

A bridal couture can touch hearts through simplicity and soberness, it was tough to believe before witnessing Rahul Mishra’s Monsoon Diaries that is a world-class exemplar of handmade collection.

We humans can never get bored of exploring nature and if the interpretation can be such beautiful, then we don’t need to too. Fashion Designer Rahul Mishra have nailed it while bringing that fresh fragrance of rain in which the floral essence smells sweeter and blooms right at our heart. From Blossoming flowers to chirping birds, Rahul Mishra’s this Monsoon Diary is surely a treat for nature lovers.

Hailing from Uttar Pradesh, Rahul Mishra had been surprising with his connectivity with nature and its small-small elements that he introduces to his designs, making the wearer feel easy and light.

What astonishes more is his sense of colors. His bridal collection is special as it is not ordinary and indeed bids adieu to those conventional bridal dresses that shines brightly in eyes. Monsoon Diaries introduces smoothly escaping color palettes that involve maroons and reds in different way. The other hues also come with subtle feel; it involves beige, pink, white, black, peach and pearl.

Who Doesn’t Like that Floral Side of Monsoon? Rahul Mishra Hit the Right Chord!

India Couture Week Witnessed Rahul Mishra's elegant bridal collection Monsoon Diaries
Ramp walk by models for showcasing Rahul Mishra's elegant bridal collection Monsoon Diaries at ICW2016

Inspired from water color kind of art, Rahul Mishra tried to depict art through embroidery in “Monsoon Diaries”. Beautiful pieces with embroidery had a lot of volume, yet the essence of embroidery pieces remained there; the designer wears were sober. Designer Rahul Mishra kept them as simple as possible. The shapes looked much elaborated.

Are You Looking for Handmade Stuff? Designer Rahul Mishra Has a Surprise for You!

The conscious effort of employing only hand embroidery and hand woven textile worked wonder in his designs. However at the same time as mentioned above too, under current of the collection looked very simple. Rahul Mishra did a lot of organza lehenga and organza saris. The mixing of fabric appeared very well presented with hand woven khadi, as a part of lehenga. Applause to those 250 artisans who shed sweat for about four months to bring out such an exceptional collection.

The master of mixing, Designer Rahul Mishra explored the use of metal yarns, finely dyed resham yarns and zardozi with cotton and silk. He gave his conscious efforts to evoke the three dimensional visuals.

“Monsoon Diaries” by Rahul Mishra at India Couture Week 2016

If someone describes “Monsoon Diary” collection by Rahul Mishra, it was a set which stayed as true as possible when it’s about styling, giving people a general choice of separates.

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