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Rohit Bal Flaunted Universe by Kehkashaan: Indian Soul in Russian Riches

Rohit Bal Flaunted Universe by Kehkashaan: Indian Soul in Russian Riches at India Couture Week 2016
Rohit Bal showcased Kehkashaan, an opulent collection with Indian soul and Rassian Riches

Kehkashaan: Rohit Bal’s Interpretation Harmonized the Cultures and Thoughts

Designer Rohit Bal who had been involuntarily evading the lure of gems, diamonds and unique stones, realized their beauty while spending some weeks in Russia and later introduced them to the world from his point of view as “Kehkashaan”. After visiting some museums and diamond funds, Rohit Bal got engrossed with unique stones and wondered why he had been keeping himself away from them when they can be used very elegantly.

Rohit Bahl took his own take on it and despite just using the stones, making the designs blingy, he brilliantly used them to add sumptuousness and grace.

His own interpretation and sensibility did wonders for bringing out the costumes in incredibly elegant way. He amalgamated the opulence and extremeness of Russian arts, Russian jewellery, and Russian treasures.

The name Kehkashaan means galaxy, which holds a beautiful emotion behind it. His compilation was about encompassing different art forms and letting everything exist with each other in harmony.

Kehkashaan is also about witnessing the cord of two discrete culture and processes of observation. It has stunning glimpses of Russian grandeur and simultaneously it talks about craftsmanship with Kashmiri touch.

Journey of Opulence: What inside the Collection?

Rohit Bal's Kehkashaan brings Indian soul in Russian riches at India Couture Week 2016
Rohit Bal showcased his latest collection Kehkashaan at India Couture Week 2016
If we go deep in the work woven with design, their come the collaboration of rich gold and fine silk. In addition to that the hand woven silk was harmonized with velvet. To create a beautiful form, crewel work, chain stitch, jewel strolls, poppies, petit point and irises played their part amazingly. Wherever the use of autumn leaves was done, the pieces joined battle of beauty with others. The way Kashmiri Kaani was introduced to zardozi, it brought the wow factor to couture runway.

Where autumn leaves showed their allure magnificently, Chrysanthemum stood nowhere behind. Embellished with the crystals, Kehkashaan is a story that is woven around the journey of opulence, exaggerated with the Kashmiri Autumn’s tonal colors.

Kehkashaan by Rohit Bal: Indian Soul in Russian Riches

As per the inherent style of Rohit Bal, the audience witnessed full volume and perfect blends. Where the body remained fascinated with Russian heritage, the soul looked drenched in Indian-ness. From quilted skirts and tunics to jackets, the designs possessed the Indian soul.

Proving true to the name Kehkashaan, the collection by Rohit Bal at India Couture Week had ample of historical value and intensity of designer’s passion. Other than passion, it also depicts the love of the designer for our universe as Kehkashaan talks in various languages of our universe where its essence also lays.

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