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Rustom Review: Navy Uniform Look of Akshay Kumar & Captivating Courtroom Drama Impress

Navy Officer Rustom Akshay Kumar Illeana Dcruze romance and courtroom scene
Akshay Kumar as Navy Officer Rustom romancing and dancing with Illeana D'Cruze

A sensational case of Navy Officer Rustom in 1959, led to the end of the jury system in India, is intriguingly portrayed by Director Tinu Suresh Desai in Akshay Kumar starrer Rustom. Based on true life incidents and events, Rustom movie talks about the case of Naval Officer K.M. Nanavati, which lead character Commander Rustom Pavri from Indian Navy is played by Akshay Kumar.

He plays a beloved husband until and unless he sees his wife Illeana D'cruze becoming someone else feast. After that he turns to a angry-blood who presents three bullets as return gift to her lover's lover Vikram Makhija. And there comes the bars, court, mystery and witty dialogues.

What’s Good?: "Rustom" himself

The story keeps you on toes and proves engrossing. Where intriguing script does its job, Akshay Kumar and his powerful looks in naval uniform fascinate you enough to hold on.

What’s Bad?: Editing Flaws

Akshay Kumar as Rustom is too overtly embellished character which plays as both strong and weak point for the film.

Rustom Movie Review: Navy Uniform Look of Akshay Kumar & Captivating Courtroom Drama are Impressive

Watch or Not?

It’s a watchable film which does not disappoint, just like Alia Bhat’s promotional take on Rustom. A crime mystery thriller that made her don a yellow sari, navy hat, and dance on Tip Tip Barsa Pani, surely is at least a onetime watch.

Rustom Story Review: Concept and Script Analysis

Rustom Akshay Kumar with Navy Uniform in courtroom with original real Nanavati case images in old newspaper
Akshay Kumar in Rustom movie's courtroom scene with real story's original Rustom K.M. Nanavati's news in backround

Although it is a film which is based on real incidents of Nanavati's life story, yet it is filled enough with unreal dramatic sections to raise the entertainment level. It serves with an intriguing script that captivates you, clinging you to your seats.

The story of Rustom movie revolves around Akshay Kumar who is filled with patriotic blood in his every vessel. He lives for the nation and is ready die any moment for his nation.

If Akshay as Rustom is serving his nation with his every breath, it doesn’t mean he has forgotten his family. He loves his wife, takes her to exotic locations, romances on every musical note of life, and is seen spending true moments that are drenched in love. A husband who is genuine as a human so much, his wife ditches him and chooses to go with infidelity. You will wonder and wonder again on this, and so does Akshay Kumar. He doesn’t let it go on a silent mode, showing a lot of melodrama; he goes straight to that man who had been taking the cake beneath his nose and shoots him with three bullets. So this ends like this? Naah, it starts like this.

What brings the dramatic turn here is Akshay’s reaction on this whole criminal deed, “I plead, not guilty.” Oh, really! How?

The most intriguing section of Rustom starts from here hooking you tighter to your chair which leads to arresting drama and later courtroom drama, woven around Akshay Kumar.

Where at one side Vikram Makhija’s sister Esha Gupta wants Akshay Kumar behind the bars, Rustom’s wife Illeana D’Cruze is ready to do anything to set her husband free.

From the makers of Special 26 and Baby, Rustom also weave that mystery web around you, letting the criminal engrossing you till roots.

The whole situation that is spinning around Akshay Kumar was just the heat of the moment or clear case of predetermined murder, this is what you get to find after the climax is unveiled.

Dialogues and Highlights

Akshay knows how to incorporate Indian spirits and soul to a role and make that alive. He does the same in the movie Rustom too.

It hits you at the right chord when he flaunts, “Meri uniform meri adat hai, jaise ki saans lena, apne desh ki raksha karna.”

Rustom Review: Characters and Star Performances

Akshay Kumar as Indian Navy’s Commander Rustom Pavri

We normal people depend on words to introduce ourselves, but some characters like Rustom are introduced and known with their costume itself. When you have that uniform of a Navy Officer, Navy ball cap and sparkling stars on shoulders, you need no introduction. And when such a patriot character is served by an actor like Akshay Kumar, you need no arguments to deny his commendable job too.

Weather it is about taking you deep to his Indian-ness or being a dashing husband, he is an ideal at every place.

Ileana D’Cruz as Rustom Pavri’s Wife

Ileana D’Cruz does measured job in Rustom. To improve, she serves “perfectly” measured herself, whether it’s her acting with remorse tears sparkling at the corners of her eyes or her appearance with whatever make-up, accessories and costumes she dons.

Arjan Bajwa as Vikram Makhija

With an appearance that you would like to grumble on, Vikram Makhija doesn’t give anything to say wow about him.

Esha Gupta as Arjan Bajwa’s Sister

Esha Gupta is given a foxy look which seems as if exaggeratedly forced on her. The way she carries the smoke around her with a cigarette holder everywhere, it perhaps goes with her bitchy character, but doesn’t go with the likes of the audiences.

Usha Dadkarni as Maid

What an actress she is! Other than Akshay Kumar, she is the one who impresses every core of you. Well done lady!

Pavan Malhotra as Vincent Lobo, chief investigating officer does decent job.

Kumud Mishra’s attempts impresses.

Rustom Direction Review: Sets and Shooting Location

After Baby and Holiday, Rustom comes as a product of the same brand which serves patriotism in ample amount. You can relate with the real story of Nanavati, his wife Sylvia, his wife's lover Prem Ahuja, and John Lobo. Even the honorable murdered phrase also fits with Rustom, yet Rustom has a tadka many fictional elements. There are places where the shots are misfired and if would have banged, it would have shaped way different.

Rustom Music Review

Tere Bin Yara, sung in tempting voice of Atif Aslam, is the winner in this movie. The film's album is a hit, overall.

Rustom Movie Review: Audience Experience


You get to see a different Mumbai of 1950’s era in beginning which a good watch.

First Half

The first half goes explaining you the case which has clich├ęs too. If you have watched the trailer, there is nothing unpredictable in first half.

Even after half an hour you keep waiting for listening to Illena D’Cruze who has got very less dialogues in her kitty for this section.

One fact that you realize is the Nanavati case was not just about a murder mystery. It had many layers, one of which is the friction between Parsis and Sindhis.

Another realization was Esha Gupta’s presentation which was unintentionally entertaining. You can’t skip noticing her clothes mannerism and her addiction of cigarettes. She is seeing smoking in almost every frame.

Post Interval

The most entertaining, important and interesting sequences comes here where the courtroom drama makes you say “I’m enjoying Rustom” because you sense a well-executed humor, stress, logical arrows and gripping tension.

Usha Nadkarni as maid has acted in tremendously entertaining way that makes you wanting to watch her more.


What happens that the newspapers speak loud in favor of Akshay Kumar saying him an honest fauji who needs to get justice? What defocuses the public from murder to patriotism? Is Akshay Kumar as Naval officer an opportunist in veil of patriotism? All these questions are answered in the second half and climax of the film.

Few Interesting Bites that You Can’t Ignore, But the Director Tinu Suresh Desai and Team Rustom Did

Does the Print journalism of our nation runs counting on numbers only?

How Akshay Kumar is always in his uniform, even when he is behind the bars? And even if he is, how come he looks as fresh as his dress, always?

The Bottom Line: Review of Rustom | Rating and Verdict

You can go to watch the film because Rustom has a promising actor Akshay Kumar, gripping story, well executed interrogation and courtroom sequence which seem interesting.

But beware if you are going to watch this with reference to the case of K.M. Nanavati. If you analyze the script with the perspective of 1953’s case, you will find Rustom an immature and unconvincing take from both direction and script’s point. On that angle, you see many flaws and loose strings.

The script is engrossing if only you see it as a criminal mystery drama and enjoy the courtroom dialogues at their witty and humor side.


Positive: Akshay Kumar’s convincing role
Negative: Shoddy editing of the film

Audience Rating: 3
Audience Verdict: Hit

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