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Gaurav Gupta’s Scape Song Made Mirzya Actress Saiyami Kher Debut on Ramp

Gaurav Gupta’s Scape Song Made Mirzya Actress Saiyami Kher Debut on Ramp: Futuristic vintage architectural boning showcased!
Designer Gaurav Gupta showcased futuristic vintage architectural boning for his collection called Scape Song. Actress turned showstopper, Mirzya fame Saiyami Kher supported designer at India Couture Week 2016

Why Designer Gaurav Gupta’s Collection Stand Out at India Couture Week 2016? How His Art and Style is distinguished?

The master of amalgamating layers and ruffles, Gaurav Gupta showcased futuristic Indian attires that were strongly contemporary. His collection speaks loud that he has nailed down the art of presenting western silhouette beautifully.

Every designer piece that flaunted the flattering cuts made one witness the perfection in finishing. This ace Indian designer who has established his name in cocktail dressing had mesmerized with high octane embellishments in his collection wears. He introduced every element that posses the essence of glamour.

Scape Song: Ode to Nature by Gaurav Gupta

If you get to connect deeply with the art and style of Gaurav Gupta’s collection you find it connected to the elements of nature. The designer depicted his inspiration pretty well as you can connect those layering, architectural boning and crystal mash with free forms of nature like sands, elements of water bodies, etc.

To give glimpse of the above story, the couture ramp was prepared differently and was created of Plaster of Paris. The unusual erection of irregular shapes gave the venue a never-seen-before feel.

Scape Song with a Message by Gaurav Gupta

Giving the glimpse of Indian-ness, designer Gaurav Gupta tried to give his global message through his collection, which was to represent India as a leading global country and showing it a significant part of the globe.

What inside Gaurav Gupta’s scintillating Collection?

Gaurav Gupta beautifully brought endlessness of scapes to his garments and added effects of waterfall and spiral rose. Gaurav used mostly English colors for his collection’s designs like English green, English blue, powder blue and lavender.

Vintage in nature, Scape song had pearls, architectural boning and crystal mashion with over 30,000 tiny crystals participating to his approach.

The attires were given perfect-looking fit to make his models look pretty and just the right. The girls were given a contemporary look with elongated eye-lash look to add the inspiration grabbed by birds. Their attires appeared fresh to eyes because of intelligent efforts of Gaurav Gupta to mix unsual silhouettes with drapes and constructions. The entire collection emerged as a classic compilation with modern twist. Among all, the waist skirts with multi-layers came out as a best pick.

His idea of amalgamating the vintage patters with futuristic architectural boning put the flags out at India Couture's runway.

Mirzya Actress Saiyami Kher as Showstopper for Gaurav Gupta’s Scape Song

Showstopper Saiyami Kher in Gaurav Gupta at India Couture runway for Scape Song in pastel blue Swarovsky
Saiyami Kher looked gorgeous in pastel blue Swarovsky dress, designed by Gaurav Gupta for Scape Song collection at India Couture Week

Before we could watch Saiyami Kher in director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s upcoming Mirzya, we got to witness her sizzle the ramp in Gaurav Gupta, being the showstopper of his collection at India Couture Week.

Despite this fact that Saiyami Kher has only modeled for photo-shoots before and she got some issue with her foot-wear, the girl managed to make it up with ease without trailing and shortening her confidence. The diva as showstopper lightened the couture show with grace before the fall of curtain.

Inspired by the structures of free forms that exist in nature, Designer Gaurav Gupta chose crystal mash fabric for Saiyami Kher’s dress, which was by Swarovsky. Gaurav successfully gave his touch to the costume by experimenting with the fabric.

The diva Saiyami Kher shinned in glittery eye make-up on pastel blue colored attire with architectural boning and silver ensemble that complemented altogether. Her curly hair-do with one-sided brushing were completing her look, lying on her left shoulder. Matching to the theme titled as Scape Song, her dress also had a lot of layering, making her costume gorgeous. Saiyami looked picture-perfect in Gaurav Gupta while marking her debut to the couture runway confidently.

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