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25 Best Stress Reducing Tricks

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Stress Reducing Tricks are something that we all need now or then, regardless our status, bank balance, good health or happy atmosphere around. We can’t get rid of mental tensions and stress completely forever. Although we can't remove the existence of stress form life, yet can surely go for some effective remedies for anxiety and related annoyance. I hope two or three of the below 25 handpicked best stress reducing tricks will help you keeping mental tension away and getting rid of this stress bee!

1. Let the Sunshine Sparkle Your Skin

Once you will realize the power of sunshine, you will regret why you kept yourself far from it for so long. Yes it is that effective. Try to expose your body to sunshine and absorb some vitamin D. It not only raises your happiness level, but also helps in combating the stress.

You necessarily don’t need to burn yourself by spending hours in it. You can go to your house’s terrace while sun rises or sets. That lukewarm sunlight will also do wonders. Next time when you feel anxiety or tensed, try this stress reducing trick and see how wonderfully the sunshine melts your stress.

2. Check If Your Stress is Just a Myth!

Yes you read right! Your stress might be just a myth too. Sometimes we take our issues so seriously and get engrossed in them so deeply that tensions start to seem clung to us. Always remember, don’t let anyone, any place or any situation affect your mind so much that start to feel its presence all around. Never forget that life is beautiful, in which many type of circumstances appears and vanishes with the passing time. No sorrow or problem is going to attach with you forever. So never let mental tensions become a part of your life. Take it as a myth which you need to debunk.

3. Get the Things Done for Reducing Stress

One of the best stress reducing tricks is just finishing the jobs. Each time you accomplish a task or chore, you will feel less burdened. Whenever you get any sort of mental tension, get yourself busy in some work. This replaces your bad feeling of stress from good feeling of less weighted head.

4. Just Smile

Stop waiting for a reason for smiling. The best part of this is you don’t need to pay for a smile. It might be the last choice for you as it feels contradictory. The smile and tensions can’t stay together. Well right, this is our trick too. As they can’t exist at the same time, smile, so that your stress feels compelled to go out of your brain.

Smiling will make you feel lighter and help you getting more focused for figuring out the stress causes and their solutions.

5. Drop Egoistic Approach

While dealing with your issues that put you in pressure and stress, take an easy and simple approach, instead of egoistic one.

6. Shake Hands with Omega 3 Rich Food!

If you love to eat and want to try out a food for perking up your mood and relieve stress, try omega 3 rich foods. Chia seeds, flax seeds and hemp milk are some eating items that can prove to be the best stress reducing recipe.

Some omega acids rich fishes also help our body in feeling calm and relaxed. For example salmon, tuna, etc. Other than them, mackerel, trout, anchovies, sardines, oysters and mussels can also be beneficial in reducing stress.

If you are unable to connect with the above eating options as stress reducing trick, you can go for omega 3 supplements as well.

7. Take Farewell from TV: Opt Something Motivational

When we feel stressed, the easiest solution to relieve seems watching TV. But TV serials show even worst or extreme drama which might exhaust or overwhelm you. The adventurous travelling channels also suck as you watch the most pleasant sites but can’t feel that pleasure through television. If you go for any food channel, it also just serves your eyes. You salivate, but get nothing to eat. In total, you feel more frustrated.

In such a case why not to opt for something that motivates you with entertaining at the same time? Go to watch any movie of your favorite genre or if don’t want to spend extra bucks, buy a DVD of it. Try to select a film that boosts you as well. Thanks to movie makers, there are numerous films that are interesting yet inspiring too. This way you can save yourself from unwanted advertisements too.

8. Add Someone in Your Team to Fight Stress

Two of the best stress reducing tricks are talk it out or share it out! If it is just your ego of not asking for a help, come out of your island and join the real world. There is no rationale of taking overburden of stress if you alone are not compelled to weigh it. Don’t hesitate to ask for a helping hand. Let your family member, colleague, friend, consultant or psychologist join you to control the source of your mental tension.

If taking help also seems you like a burden, help your helper when it is needed. We all live in the same planet and no one is given copyright of stress. Today it is at your door, tomorrow it might be at other door next to you too. Be cooperative and supportive, and don’t let your ego, shame or shyness come in between while asking for cooperation or support when you need that. Share help by giving and taking to make your and other’s life easier.

9. Dim the Light: Make Your Focus Clearer

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Illustration of a room with dim light!

Have you ever wondered why God has made the days brighter and nights darker? The bright is for working, the dark is for relaxing. Nights make you not only bodily but mentally calm too.

Make your room dimly lit or just turn off the room lights. Take rest from artificial bulbs or fluorescent lights to save you from getting more drained. This will help your brain relax and think with a clearer picture of what is bothering you and how to remove stress roots.

10. Throw Out the Clouds of Bad Thoughts by the Positive You

Think positive about yourself for avoiding the bad thoughts. Believe in the best part of yourself. For example, if you are in stress because you think you can’t do something, say to yourself, "No, I can do it. I believe I can." If someone has spilled bad words about you which are haunting your ears, say to yourself no, you are a good person, people don’t know the real you. One by one, blow away the clouds filled with negativity. Whatever bad is floating around you and inside your brain, get rid of it by thinking the positive aspects around. And soon you will realize that those clouds are no more around you and they are gone taking all your tensions and irritation.

Take it as stress reducing tricks are not the rocket science; they are simply the management of you good thoughts over bad thoughts. You just have to feed more more good ones with the power of optimism and hopes.

11. Take Motivation by Getting Nostalgic

If your present problems are not allowing you to take your happy breaths, go into any past memory in which you are calm, content and smiling. Realize that you belong to those happy moments and you can get that happiness back because deserve it. Make a target of getting that real smile back. Try to improve your mood for yourself.

12. Get Involved in a Fun Group fro Reducing Stress

There are many online and social networking groups that you can join. Find a group of like-minded people and introduce fun to life back again. It will enhance the sense of joy in you and restore yourself with ease and peace relieving you from stress.

13. Make a Pet Your Companion

There is nothing like seeing someone welcoming you in home with sheer happiness when you come back to home after a long tedious day. Office tensions or personal problems, your every reason of getting stressed and tensed dissolves in that joy that you see coming on someone’s face just because of your presence. Make such a pet your companion and spend some time with your new friend. It can be a dog or cat or even a cute rabbit. They brings positivity and proves to be a stress reducing factor.

14. Soak Some Water

Doesn’t matter you use the form or not, only immersing yourself into water will give you good vibes. Just gazing at the sea feels so soothing, then think how pleasant it would be to make your tired legs wet in its water. However if any sea or ocean is not in your reach, you can go for a lake, river, or pond or whatever is in your approach. If nothing works or you don’t feel like going out in such a mood, take a shower and feel the freshness.

15. Find Inner Peace in Nature

Nature is as beautiful as relieving. Plant in your garden and feel the joy of seeing your plants blossoming. When you witness them growing and giving you colorful flowers and sweet fruits, that feeling is incomparable. Whenever you feel like relieving tensions, only visiting your garden will give you a great relief from stress.

16. Learn to Say No

If the root cause of stress is your overburdened brain, start emptying it. Cooperative and emotional people find it tough to say no and very soon get overwhelmed. If this is what triggering your stress, learn to delegate jobs and responsibilities to your team mates.

Do it both of the cases when people try to make you do their work and also when you don’t know that task and there is probability of not accomplishing the task on time because of lack of knowledge. No one of us is perfect in all the jobs. Saying no doesn’t mean you are proving yourself weak or showing your limits to others. Generally keep a helping nature for others and when you feel you are already burdened, say no too.

17. Show Love

If there is a feeling or emotion that can make you feel connected with God, soothe your soul and give you instant happiness, it is love. It is a perfect natural remedy for stress, tensions, depression or any other problem. Love is an ultimate source of energy that can make your body response in whatever way you want.

It is not necessary you seek the romantic love for feeling the sheer bliss. You can find the bundle of joys in any of your closest relationship. Share a hug to break the stubborn stress through tactile contact with a human. Give a treat to your beloved one. Do anything that enhances love around you and see how soon the boiling stress meter collapses in front of this love remedy.

18. Fool Your Brain: Get Horizontal Taking the Most Relaxed Position

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Illustration of a relaxing guy!

Lay down in a relaxing state to pamper your body. Our body and brain share amazing chemistry and behave in symmetry. Mostly our brain responds the way our body feels. The idea is to relieve your body free for emptying your mind from its jobs and focus on the problem resolving plans with no extra burden.

It is not about sleeping or pretending relaxation. It is about giving you comfort so that the calm body could create a calm aura for brain to think. Yes, you can think about the same problem that is stressing you out, but with a changed feel this time. This easier posture is to create a setup for thinking new and fresh for better options of damage-control.

19. Take a Step for Better Health: Lose Weight or Gain Weight!

They say a healthy body is the first and foremost pleasure of life. Well said! When you look fit, you look the best of your possible looks. You are a man or woman, having healthy weight is an amazing stress-buster itself. It also helps you maintain and managing your blood sugar when you are in tension or stress. Lose extra calories or gain some extra weight to feel the inner joy and enjoy the outer good looks of a perfect physic.

20. Play with Your Own Replica: Go Goofy!

So you also have a Smartphone and an app-store. Do you know your app store provides not only the gaming apps but also some funny apps that can make you go goofy naturally? There are several apps that introduce to a cartoon character which can replicate or mimic what you say or do. Download such an app like Talking Panda, Talking Ginger, Taking Angela, Talking Tom, etc.

When you try something new and crazy, doesn’t matter it is weird and stupid, it distracts you giving a message that life is not all about going serious and boring. Just like being tensed, stressed or frustrated, being funny, exciting, crazy or stupid are also the parts of our life. Explore all the facets of this beautiful journey to make a balance and getting rid of one type of feeling.

21. Write and Write: Use Paper or Computer as Stress Reducing Device!

You don’t need to be a writer for writing. You just need to express what you are feeling and what do you want to feel in future. Write everything from the reasons of getting tensed to your everyday steps to decrease the level of stress. Use them as a graph of your journey of going far from a pathetically stressed life. You can also write a blog. May be you will find many more people who are also in the same boat. Your communication may be inspiring for you both.

If you feel shy of sharing your personal feelings, you do not necessarily need to share those thoughts. You can save them for your reference only or destroy your write-ups if not comfortable. But write to express as it is an awesome stress reducing trick and amazing medium to vent out.

22. Enjoy a Massage to Relieve Pressure!

Massage is an amazing natural reliever for tension pressure and a sure shot way to deal with stress. Add it in your weekly or monthly To-Do list. If you visit a therapist or an expert of this field, you can also treat your specific pressure points and feel the sheer pleasure of relieving. If it seems out of your budget, take help of a personal massager to feel good immediately.

23. Feed Little Creatures around You

You can get a bird feeder or simply use any container to put in your backyard or terrace or front yard. This is an easiest medium to get closer to the nature or wildlife. You can also put a water pot at a place where the birds can access it. If you don’t feel like doing it at home, you can visit any park and supply the bird feeders there. In case birds are not the creatures you belong to, offer bread to a dog or cow.

What you gain by doing this and how this works to overcome tensions, it is unexplainable. The feel of inner peace is something you can’t buy, but earn through these tiny efforts.

24. Do Stress Analysis and Fix

Try to focus and analyze the root cause of your stress. 85% of your tensions come from a specific issue or person and that makes you see stress all around. In such a case we start to see our all the life events as a stress-cluster. The root cause of mental tension is always particularly one. Figure that out and try to fix the problem instead of ignoring that.

25. Let Go! Let Yourself Flow!

If you do not find any solution of a problem which is giving you stress, annoyance and irritation, let the things be at their places. When life doesn’t leave any way for you, have faith in God and believe that your ways will be made by the universe. Make as much efforts as you can and leave the results on God’s hands. Flow with where life is taking you to. Let the things go! Set your mind as if there is nothing which is causing you trouble. Live simple and easy. Find your stress-busters in the love, care and hope that is all around you. Remember your family and friends are with you; if you don’t find peace in even their companion, don’t forget, God has never left you. Enjoy in his shelter!

The Bottom Line: Best Stress Reducing Mantra

Always remember that for any issue related to brain can be solved through the brain itself. People suggest you whatever as best stress reducing tricks or ways, they all will fail if your brain is not ready to transform its thoughts and way of thinking. The way of relieving stress is assuming it a myth that is driven by a situation. Don't let any event or person control your brain at that extent where your own brain starts to bother you in the form of stress. Life is too short to live with a weighted head, so enjoy! Stay mentally healthy smiling!


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