Sunday, February 12, 2017

Let’s Redefine Adventure!

Let’s Redefine Adventure (Illustrator: Sneha)
Redefining adventure!
Illustration: A boy in hat standing in his room near window!

How Do You Define Adventure? What Is Your Way of Getting Adventurous?

Machinery life and hectic schedule have made dreariness an inseparable part of our lives. Whenever such a point comes, we wish we could hang out or go for visiting an adventurous place. But however strong we feel to do so, how many of us really could make it possible? The responsibilities and pressure of work don’t allow us to go out of the track of our daily boring life. How about going crazy, exciting and sporty without going out of your belongings to say goodbye to boring days?

Eye Opener: Let’s Redefine Adventure!

Let's dive deeper to redefine adventure. Getting adventurous is all about feeling kicked, energetic, active, happy and different. Now think, is there any way to feel the same in the surrounding you are living right now?

Highest hills, deadly falls, etc are not possible to visit any day, anytime. So should one wait for holidays or until it’s possible for happiness? No. Having adventure doesn’t mean you need to go for tracking mountains or visit the deadliest destination of this world.

Adventure is possible at every that place where you have ever laughed or smiled even once. It can be found with any simple, crazy, fun activity like- turning the cooler on when it is cold, going near that and screeching your name, tingling to your brother or sister when there are many people around, changing the channel when someone’s favorite show is airing on TV, applying dark lipstick at home without any occasion, playing peek-a-boo to make one surprisingly shocked, and so on.

Sounds weird? Being weird is better than being dull. Dullness makes one numb over the time, which ultimately leads to hollowness and depression. So it’s better to rope in some naughtiness. Do not make it a habit. The idea is not to irritate, bully or tease people around you. The idea is to think free like a kid and spread some smiles around.

There are so many such crazy things that we can’t even number them all. We just need to get active a bit. We just need to start finding the happiness in small efforts, instead of in spending too much money.

Let’s redefine adventure and bring it into practice! Let’s learn to find adventure in our daily activities, instead of searching it out in valleys or mountains!

Quote on Adventure: “Taking challenges is the most adventurous element of a life.”

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