Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Real Mistake While Executing an Idea for Success

The Real Mistake While Executing an Idea for Succes | Quote on mistake
Quote: “Mistake is not when you execute a wrong #idea. It is when you learn nothing and let yourself #follow the same idea again!"

They say nothing is impossible, but really is everything that we dream of is possible? I am giving my 100% with all my heart, soul and lot of sweat, then why I am so far from success? Isn’t working hard enough for success?

If such brainstorming sessions held every so often in your head, then halt once to understand about where are you going.

Okay, you are very passionate about your goals and dreams, and you are giving your best, but are you going into right direction too? Are you putting your efforts at right place? Every time when you faced a failure, did you analyze the reasons behind that crash?

Sometimes we keep going without thinking. A sort of madness drives us for reaching to our destination. We get lost so much in working hard that we even forget about what is our motto behind trying so hard. What all we know that time is “working hard”.

The loop that we make is- we work hard; still we taste failure; we work harder this time, but again get the same results.

Where we go wrong? Well, we do not take a break in between for analyzing our mistakes and so unknowingly repeat them again. A failure is good only then when we learn from it, otherwise it only gives disappointments and depression. Here,

“Mistake is not when you execute a wrong #idea. It is when you learn nothing and let yourself #follow the same idea again!"

What you need to do is sit, sigh, relax and analyze your each and every step, if your idea doesn’t work. Don’t stick to it like chewing gum, indeed find out where you went wrong and fix all the loopholes. Improvise your idea.

Sometimes you think you are the best and so you continue with your same plan, probably to prove your previous plan right. Or may be to prove ‘yourself’ right. Dear, a champion or expert also can go wrong. What makes one a champion is not the 100% surety of getting success in first attempt, but it is the smartness of learning from every result, analyzing that fully and not repeating the same mistake again to ensure success.

Mostly dreams come from a direct or indirect challenge given by the world. This challenge is not just about accomplishing a task or proving how skilled you are. But mostly it is all about proving yourself, your existence. It is obvious to become sentimental about your idea and every step or effort, but ensure to move on in order to overcome that stage. Keep your idea alive, but with improvisations. Don’t forget to analyze after a failure. Don’t hesitate in leaving the hands of an old idea with loopholes. Updating is always good. One wrong idea doesn’t mean your next idea will also not work. Instead of following the same, be smart and courageous enough to leave that and move on to implement your fresh, new idea.

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