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Verse of the Day "Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy."
Quote of the Day "#Happiness is not in having everything, it's in making the best of everything! So, make the most of everything and keep spreading happiness!"
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April 2019 Events
April 2019 Calendar with wallpaper message, love nature more

National and International Events

01 Apr: Yearly Bank Closing, Bank's Holiday
07 Apr: World Health Day
10 Apr: Jal Sansadhan Divas
18 Apr: Puratatva Divas
22 Apr: International Mother Earth Day
23 Apr: World Book Day
24 Apr: Manav Ekta Divas

Fast and Festivals

14 Apr: Baisakhi, Solar New Year, First Day of Hindu Solar Calendar
12 Apr: Navapad Oils Starts
19 Apr: Good Friday (As per Christian Calendar), Navapad Oils Ends
21 Apr: Easter (Based on Christian Calendar), Easter Sunday

Other Events

14 Apr: Solar New Year (Based on Hindu Solar Calendar)

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