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Hawaizaada Music Review

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Ayushmann Khurrana and Pallavi Sharda starer Bollywood movie Hawaizaada Songs and Music Review
Ayushmann Khurrana and Pallavi Sharda starer Hawaizaada movie Songs: Dil E Nadan, Daak Ticket, Udd Jayega, hawaizaada Dil, Dil Todne Ki Machine, Yaadein, Maaza My Lord, Turram Khan, Teri Dua

Album Verdict
Above Average
Album Rating
2.9 stars
Music Composers: Rochak Kohli, Mangesh Dhadke, Ayushmann Khurrana, Vishal Bhardwaj
Singers: Rochak Kohli, Randeep Bhaskar, Sukhvinder Singh, Ayushmann Khurrana, Shweta Subram, Mohit Chauhan, Javed Bashir, Wadali Brothers, Harshdeep Kaur, Lakhwinder Wadali, Ravindra Sathe, Randeep Bhasker, Sukhwinder Singh, Monali Thakur, Papon, Rekha Bhardwaj, Neeti Singh
Lyricists: Vibhu Virender Puri, Mirza Ghalib (Poet)
Star Cast: Pallavi Sharda, Mithn Chakraborty, Ayushmann Khurrana
Music Label: T-Series
No. of MP3 Songs in Hawaizaada Album: 10
Length of Hawaizaada Music Album: 39 Minutes 02 Seconds
Release Date of Music Album: 19 January 2015

Hawaizaada Music Review

Hawaizaada movie's song album is pretty innovative and creative at all points: composition, singing, and lyrics. The film is a biopic on Talpade who had remained in controversies for being rumoured to create the first airplane before Wright Brothers who are credited for making it in history. The music album of Hawaizaada is as interesting as its story. 

Hawaizaada Music Review

Before listening to the album you need to know a little about the movie's concept and on which it is based. At many places, its songs' lyrics belong to the flight of passion, spirit, and struggle that are depicted through the movie.

The film is not only about the history, but also about a dream, an aim, the hard work, and the restraint constrictions. It is about the madness and passion that drives a soul crazy towards his sole goal of the life. It is a story of flight and flying machine. The songs totally go with the movie.

As the film is based on an olden story, the music was supposed to match it, and there the challenge knocks. The good work lies here where keeping this fact in mind, the composer, lyrics writer and singers have justified the demand. The songs build bridge either with instruments' use or penned words or served emotion behind them. 

Ayushmann Khurrana, Mithun Chakraborty starer Hawaizaada Songs: Online Video Songs of Hawaizaada movie with details, Review and Rating

Hawaizaada Dil

Singer: Rochak Kohli
Composer: Rochak Kohli
Lyricist: Vibhu Virender Puri
Mastering & Mixing By:  Shadaab Rayeen

Ahh! It is creative and likeable presentation at beginning of the first listen. From vocal backing to cool guitar strumming to whistling to quirky lyrics, their is some freshness. Rochak Kohli's voice so much matches and suits to Ayushmann's that if you are told it is sung by Ayushmann Khurrana, you will agree easily. His voice reminds Mohit Chauhan too. Actually it's an amazing mixture of both. The song doesn't become yours at once, as if it asks for more listens to grow in you. The song beats are funky and indeed carefree throughout. Just like the title Hawaizaada Dil, the listen suggest me just one word to sum up for the song, 'Hawaizaada Song'. Because it flows in air as par its marzi. 

Udd Jayega

Singers: Randeep Bhaskar, Sukhvinder Singh
Composer: Mangesh Dhadke
Lyricist: Vibhu Virender Puri
Mastering & Mixing By: Bishwadeep Chatterjee

Sukhwinder Singh's bold and powerful voice and Ranad's inputs have given base to the song. The way Udd Jayega floats, Hans seems going right to sky crossing the air. The soundtrack naturally gives glimpse of olden era; especially when that alaap comes followed by Sanskrit lines and then flute piece. Pretty motivational in its own way, the song blends well in the music album of a film that is based on a biopic of Talpade which is played by Ayushmann in Hawaizaada movie. 

On other side, it is a teaser song for those who are against the flight, when it says Udd Jayega Hans Akela. The Hans who is made for talking to air doesn't need anyone behind and is set to take its ride alone. 


Singer: Ayushmann Khurrana
Composer: Ayushmann Khurrana
Poet: Mirza Ghalib
Mastering & Mixing By: Bharat Goel

It is another fresh track of the album. Dil-E-Nadaan is sung by Ayushmann Khurrana and has a pleasant starting with its music and lyrics. The song doesn't let you say it a typical 'Ayushmann Khurrana' song which has a recognisable guitar strumming's style. The lyrics are what captivates you first; thanks to those Ghalib lines too! 

Ayushmann's sings have their own identity. After having an understanding with them, this song seems innovative and a soothing fusion. The sitar and santoor, combined with played tabla, get equal credit for their contribution in giving it a soul. It is well blended with guitar too, which adds to the song. 

Dil-E-Nadaan Reprise

Singers: Shweta Subram, Ayushmann Khurrana
Composer: Ayushmann Khurrana
Lyricist: Vibhu Virender Puri
Mastering & Mixing By: Bharat Goel

This reprise version of Dil-E-Nadaan is as pleasant as its original one. The song has replaced beats. It commences with the famous quote, Ishq Nahi asaan, aag kaa dariya, doob ke jaana. Shweta renders her brief yet marking input. The song further has many highs and lows. When the song leads with its lyrics, it leads near you too. 

Daak Ticket

Singers: Mohit Chauhan, Javed Bashir
Composer: Rochak Kohli
Lyricist:Vibhu Virender Puri
Mastering & Mixing By: Dipesh Sharma

Sung by Javed Bashir and Mohit Chauhan, Daak Ticket song purely belongs to Hawaizaada movie. The song is embellished with classical beats of tabla. Daak Ticket Jaari Hongi is a dreamy song.

Teri Dua

Singers: Wadali Brothers, Harshdeep Kaur, Lakhwinder Wadali, Ravindra Sathe, Sukhwinder Singh, Randeep Bhasker  
Composer: Mangesh Dhakde
Lyricist: Vibhu Virender Puri
Mastering & Mixing By: Bishwadeep Chatterjee

The song enters with chorus of Teri Dua and then voices of Lakhwin and Wadli Brothers. When there are Wadli Brothers, the noticeable classical instruments like harmonium, ddholak and table were expected. The singing in their unique voice texture solely has lifted the song. The base in vocal and Sufi touch are the two that make a song their own. 

This Sufi version of Udd Jayega is special in its own way. Its portions are a mixture of kawali and bhajan in its feel. The song whispers an inspiringly motivational vibe down the spine, you don't get to know it though.

Dil Todne Ki Masheen

Singer: Rekha Bhardwaj
Composer: Vishal Bhardwaj
Lyricist: Vibhu Virender Puri
Mastering & Mixing By: Chinmay Harshe

Rekha Bhardwaj's singing is powerful and impactful in the song from beginning. The track is musical in starting, and then walks further including guitar in background. The song is an amalgamation of salty singing of Rekha Bhardwaj and crisp of lawani. It seems an item number, but presents a different side. 

Yaadein Gatthri Main

Singer: Harshdeep Kaur
Composer: Mangesh Dhakde
Lyricist: Vibhi Virender Puri
Mastering & Mixing By: Bishwadeep Chatterjee

A nostalgic version of Udd Jayega is sung by Harshdeep Kaur, and she has tried her best to give soul in her one and half minutes of singing. The song has the pillars of her voice only, and it stands. It's a slow motion fuel. The moment you connect fully to the song's soul, it ends. The shortness remains a complain for this song. 

Turram Khan

Singers: Monali Thakur, Papon, Ayushmann Khurrana
Composer: Rochal Kohli
Lyricist: Vibhu Virender Puri
Mastering & Mixing By: Bharat Goel

Ayushmann Khurrana and Papon's surprise presentation, Turram Khan is a package of amusing beats, quirky lyrics, unexpected music mixing, and backing vocal that has major role in what we get overall. It starts with a fresh and beautiful guitar piece followed by Papon's lively crooning. Then comes a waking twist to the song with foot tapping music. The soundtrack has many variations, mostly good ones. Your ears set to a beat, and right at that moment it changes. This repeats. Ayushmann's small part is a soulful presentation. This is a brilliant composition for creative approaches. 

Maazaa My Lord

Singers: Neeti Singh, Mohit Chauhan
Composer: Mangesh Dhadke
Lyricist: Vibhu Virender Puri
Mastering & Mixing By: Bishwadeep Chatterjee

Every instrument of this song pushes you to recall old melodious songs. Mohit Chauhan and Neeti Mohan have justified the composition and given what was needed. Oh Maazaa My Lord offers that side of accordion and violin which successfully sets your mood to welcome the black and white era of music. The violin piece beautifully enters and goes, lifting up your mood tremendously. Neeti Mohan's part is the best one, whether it is middle portion or the terminating slow motion lines. However Mohit Chauhan has sung it with his utter most perfection. The chorus is also a lifter when it is presented with beautiful guitar plucking. 

The Bottom Line: Music Review of Hawaizaada Album

Well, it was a duel challenge for the contributors of the music album of Hawaizaada as they had to connect the listeners and audiences with the past era, making it not dull or boring for youth or mass too. So this way, they have come with the best possible. Doesn't matter they become the chart-busters or not! The work behind is markable. Overall, the Hawaizaada album attains 2.9 out of 5, additional for the fresh and creative parts.
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