Over 70 Funny Rajinikanth Jokes: Journey of Rajini as Student! Over 70 Funny Rajinikanth Jokes: Journey of Rajini as Student! Skip to main content

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Over 70 Funny Rajinikanth Jokes: Journey of Rajini as Student!

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Funny Rajinikanth Jokes: Journey of Rajini (Thalaiva) as Student
Animated Rajinikanth (Thalaiva)!

Rajinikanth is not only known for his acting skills, but also for the human being he is. He is a genuine person who is kind hearted and more than that, a superstar who is unbelievably down-to-earth even after reaching at such a height.

What Rajini has done in his acting career that has been amazingly charismatic and impactful. The impact is so powerful that people can’t get rid of what he does in his films. He indeed has enhanced the limits of imaginations of many which are actually the belief that Thalaiva can do anything. Rajinikanth Jokes are actually the result of that fondness and imaginations.

Such jokes are nothing but a gesture of love from his fans to remember him with smiles. When he moves his goggles, when he wins over hundreds of villains, people believe in him, accept him as a real superhero, and enjoy every bit of whatever he does.

Below is the collection of over 70 “Rajinikanth Jokes” that are known for winning many hearts, going viral!

Anna Filled the Earth with Colors as he Born

Rajini was born in February on 30th. Since then the calendars decided to not give this special date to any other. After Rajnikanth (Thalaiva) born in 1950, he introduced colors in common men's life by presenting first color program on television in 1951. He issued his driving license at the age of 18 seconds. It is unusual to say that Rajnikanth grow up, but it happened after 6 months. He had his first rice-eating ceremony (annprashan sanskar) when he turned 6 months old, and from then people got their Anna.

Brilliant Rajini as a Student in His Childhood

At the age of 6, he got admission in school for primary education. But a single school couldn't bear the bombardment of his questions as he was a brilliant and mischievous student. Chacha Chaudhary was his teacher that time, but only he knew that actually he was taking classes from Rajinikanth.

He did his KG from seven places. Today those places are the most famous- 7 IITs.

Very few people know that the famous pyramids of Egypt are actually the result of Rajinikanth's craft projects of primary school.

He could divide by zero.

Where students used to learn the counting till 100, Rajini used to count till infinite.

Rajini used to utter some numbers before sleeping. Those are known as Log Table today.

He knew the last digit of pi too. He was able to review any book by its cover page in his childhood too.

When he came in third standard, a boy stole the rough copy of Rajini. Now that notebook is known as Wikipedia.

Rajinikanth- As Bright as the Sun

However kid is a kid; and every kid hates to wake up early in the morning. Uff, those sun-raises who alarm to open your eyes! He started playing hide-and-seek with the sun. When he used to stare at sun with anger, sun used to hide behind the moon. Later this greatest phenomenon was called Solar Eclipse.

Now to rise, that sun waits to hear good morning from Rajini.

Once Rajinikanth’s Amma called him and said, “The solar heater on the roof is not working properly.” The replay of Rajinikanth- “Let me check the sun amma!”

Once Rajinikanth got loose motions, and from then, the popular Rajinigandha came into market.

Annoyed of a mosquito that was buzzing out of the window, Rajini threw a stone on it once. Today that stone is known as Jupiter.

Once Rajini was bitten by a mosquito; poor it! Till date that mosquito is suffering from dengue.

People talk wrong about global warming. There is no such term. It’s just that once Rajinikanth was feeling cold, so brought the sun closer to earth for heating him up.

Think! If our Thalaiva would have come on this earth before 150 years, what would have happened? British would have fighting for their independence.

Rajinikanth’s World of Games

Most funny Rajinikanth Jokes: Rajini in childhood
Rajinikanth in tashan: Illustration of Thalaiva - The Rajini!

Rajini started liking games which made him bunk his school one whole day. Since then all the students got relief of one day, which is known as Sunday. Thanks to Rajini on behalf of all the students!

Once he played statue-statue game with a girl. Even today she is stuck and known as Statue of Liberty.

He was so much fond of games that his parents had to buy an acre of land space with four wells at each corners... So that Rajinikanth can play his carom.

His too much involvement in games made him does a spelling mistake in his English paper’s exam. Rajini couldn’t tolerate this and the whole night he practiced for word-spellings. Thus over the night he launched the first Oxford Dictionary.

His favorite game was making snowman from rain water.

He played very few cricket matches because even his defensive shots used to throw the ball on moon.

One day the news flashed that 2 horses, 2 camels and 2 elephants are missing from the zoo. Later it was discovered that Rajini was playing Chess with them.

Other than games, his hobby was to play music instruments. He used to play the guitar with violin stick.

Inventions of Rajinikanth

Rajini grew more. Once when his TV stopped working, he opened that to repair, and guess what happened. He turned that TV to the first computer of this planet.

Unfortunately he was then suffering from dyslexia which resulted into re-scripted alphabets of computer-keyboards.

Now whenever his computer hangs, understand this is the time for release of new Windows. But there is one feature that is in his computer only. He deletes the Recycle Bin from that.

While inventing the computer, he had taken a bite of an apple and threw it away. Now we all know that as Apple’s logo.

Where we use anti-viruses for our computers, Rajnikanth doesn’t. Indeed Anti-viruses still searching for Anti-Rajinikanth softwares to save them from Rajini.

Those College Days of Rajinikanth!

Finally the day came when he entered to a college.

When he was asked to select 3 subjects, he chose these three- Science, Commerce, Arts.

Like other students, when he put his mobile on vibration mode, the world saw the biggest earthquake on earth.

Rajinikanth had sneezed just once in his life, when Indian Ocean had seen the Tsunami.

Before getting a mobile, Rajini used to write his sentences on calculator.

Once a silly boy went to Rajinikanth spinning his basket ball on his finger and challenged Rajinikanth to do it. Rajini showed him how the earth spins!

The space out of earth also exists because of fear of staying with Rajinikanth.

His eyes had stopped to blink once. They blinked when he was given an entire bottle of strong sleeping pills.

Rajinikanth once took participation in Bike Race. You can’t even imagine what happened. He won the race (obviously), riding his bike on neutral gear without wheels at speed of 50,000 km/milliseconds. Rajini came first, second, and third. Einstein died after knowing the name who came fourth. It was the Light.

One day time came to Rajinikanth and challenged him for race. Time is running till now and no body knows how long it will.

One day Rajini was caught breaking the rules. He was over speeding on highway while walking.

Galileo studied in lamp, Graham Bell candles, and Shakspeare street light. Can you guess about Rajinikanth? Just incense sticks (Agarbatti).

He completed his college, making Harvard getting an MBA under the name of Rajinikanth.

Sharing here Rajinikanth’s biggest record of his college days- he is the only man of this planet who made his girlfriend admitting her mistake thrice.

One day Rajini’s girlfriend complaint him that someone chases her. Her words on next day, “Hey, where is my shadow?”

Rajinikanth Knows Everything

Rajinikanth has been a very kind hearted person. One day he woke up deciding that he will share at least 1% of his knowledge with the world. There born our greatest search engine, Google!

Yes, Rajinikanth knows everything. We remember the past, he remembers the future.

He knows who came first on planet- chicken or egg.

He also knows Victoria’s secret.

What about this secret, he even knows what women really want.

Rajini is someone who has answers of every question of this world.

He can answer a missed call too.

He is the only one who knows the mystery behind Mona Lisa’s smile.

Amitabh Bachchan hosts his show, but Rajini is the one who knows ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’.

Once Ghajini stared at Thalaiva's eyes and lost his memory. That's why even Ghajini remembers Rajini.

Once in CAT, all the students got zero in their tests papers. Later it was discovered that they got RAT instead of CAT, which was- Rajinikanth Aptitude Test.

Before signing off from this Rajinikanth Jokes’ post, here is the trick to pass any exam for all the student! Start any answer with this – ‘According to Rajinikanth’.

-A Tribute from Thalaiva Fans

Don’t forget to write which was your favorite Rajinikanth Joke among all. Keep smiling!

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