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50 Plus Funny Rajinikanth Jokes: Thalaiva Redefining Action & Style

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Hilarious Rajinikanth Jokes redefining action style in funny one-liners
Hilarious Rajinikanth Jokes one-liners!

Hats off to the Rajinikanth style of action which is a wonder in itself! What grace! His style has redefined the action with the way he performs his shots. People love him and his charismatic presence. They glom onto his executions, such as his techniques of moving his goggles.

Leaving you below in the world of Rajinikanth Jokes that have come from his fans’ exaggerated imaginations about the super dramatic style and action of this superstar! Enjoy his story with hilarious one-liners!

Journey of a Superstar: From Rajinikanth to Thalaiva

When Rajinikanth signed his first film, Bollywood was debuted.

Once Hritik and Rajinikanth participated in the same dance competition, and later we saw Hritik on wheel chair in ‘Gujarish’.

Then Michel Jackson came to beat Rajini into the battle field of dance with his moon walk. Michel fainted. Rajinikanth performed Sun-Walk.

No wonder he became everyone's apple of eye soon. His name got renowned in Hollywood too. For Mission Impossible, Rajinikanth was approached before Tom Cruise but he refused the proposal as the film's title was insulting for him.

Then Hollywood directors thought to make a movie- Aliens Vs Rajinikanth, but that too seemed a bad idea as Rajini could defeat the Aliens in seconds which everyone knew. Then who will watch a movie which climax you already know.

Rajini is Rajini! What a Style Sir Ji!

Scientists asked Rajinikanth, “Which fluid turns to solid after heating?” Rajini’s reply, “Dosa”.

Once sudden rain came surprising people. All scientists were shocked and worried. Later the neighbors of Rajini disclosed that he was testing his pichkari before Holi.

India celebrates Diwali and the employees of ISRO celebrate the whole month after Diwali. Every Diwali Rajinikanth purchases all the rockets of ISRO for celebrations, giving return gift of holidays to all the employees.

When Rajinikanth signed a check for a bank, the bank bounced. He is the only person on earth who doesn't pay tax. Indeed Government of India pays to Rajini for living. When he plays Monopoly, the actual economy of the world affects.

Once Rajini spit on a wall after chewing his Paan, now we know that building as Red Fort

Rajinikanth Breeze in Fashion World!

Rajinikanth started wearing the black goggles (issued in public interest). From then black goggles became the greatest fashion trend.

His accessories don’t involve the watches as he decides the time. Yes, time and tides do wait for Rajini.

Recently Pakistan airports were closed because of heavy fog. Later it was discovered that Rajini was smoking in India.

Social Network of Thalaiva

In 2015, Rajini joined a social networking site first time ever and this way Twitter was officially launched that day.

And now whenever he logs into his account, Twitter notifies Rajini about what is trending and Facebook updates its status.

By the way, do you know why Rajinikanth is not on Facebook? Because even the wall is China doesn’t has enough space and is too small to write his status. Anyways, Rajini never reveals his plans. And by chance if he will poke, the person in front will die. (Again, issued in public interest.)

Very few know that the Wall of China was created to keep Rajini away and out. Poor they who didn’t know that Rajini can walk on walls too.

Just before some days, Rajinikanth entered in Bigg Boss house, next day this announcement came out, “Rajinikanth chahte hein…Bigg Boss, aap abhi…isi vakt…Rajini ke confession room mai ayein!

Action King – Rajinikanth!

Funny Rajinikanth Jokes: Thalaiva action style with hilarious one liner
Funny Rajinikanth Jokes: Superstar Thalaiva redefining action and style!

One talks about Rajini and doesn’t mention about his action, not possible!

Why all the enemy countries of India like China and Pakistan are in North direction? Because Rajinikanth lives in South.

He proved Newton’s law wrong as when he actions, nothing remains left to give him reaction.

All those cigarettes that are smoked by Rajinikanth, they die from a severe lung cancer.

Rajinikanth can cure the dreaded cancer too from his tears, but the sad part is…he never cries. When once he cried after breaking down of sentiments, the emotions begged for mercy.

Ordinary people are too ordinary for him. He doesn’t fight with them. And actually people also do not mess with them as where he can make onions cry buckets, how a common can stand in front of him. He is the one who can also breathe in vacuum.

Others kill a bird with stone; Rajini kills two stones with a bird.

He fights with lions, tigers, and such strong creatures. Once for a change he fought with a horse and kicked his chin. Its descendants today are called giraffes.

No sea- creature dares to challenge him for a fight. They get afraid of getting drowned by Rajini.

Snakes get frightened from distance. They worry of getting strangles with his cordless phone.

The snakes’ community talks about Rajinikanth as we do about God and devils.

There is a famous folklore among them in which once a cobra had bitten Rajinikanth and after bearing excruciating pain for five days, the cobra had died.

Headline of the year - “Train crashed by cycle!” Police in search of the cycle-rider Rajinikanth!

The judge saw Rajini committing this crime. From then, Kaanoon andha (blind) ho gaya.

Do you know why the needle of a magnetic compass points to North always? Because Rajini resides in South and no one can point him.

Ghosts see the nightmares of Rajinikanth and talks about his stories, sitting around the campfire.

Once the dinosaurs tried to attack Rajini and that was the last day when one had seen a dinosaur on earth.

‘Nobody can ever cheat his death’ is a disgraceful statement for Rajinikanth. He fools and cheats the death every day.

Now here is today’s latest news. The community of mettle has gathered to fight with Rajini. The first was a knife-fight. Knife lost! Then Rajinikanth was shot before about 10 minutes. You all are invited in the funeral of the bullet that tried to shoot him.

I wonder the mettle community didn’t know Rajini had killed the horrible Dead Sea.

Those silly weapons didn’t know Rajinikanth himself is a weapon who is created by the God himself to end the world on doomsday. He is the only weapon that is allowed in airplanes.

One intelligent reached to Paul- the Octopus to get his predictions about when Rajini will die… RIP Mr. Paul!

Then that intelligent went to a saint who unveiled the truth that Rajinikanth had already died 1300 years ago. The moment he got died, the death took ‘Close to Rajnikanth experience’.

Since then the death could not collect enough courage to tell Rajini that he is dead.

It is said that Rajini doesn’t age. Time can’t keep up with Thalaiva.

That intelligent man was still probing on Rajinikanth and found one more issue saying, “Okay, so this great is the Thalaiva! Then why he has so less hair and he can’t grow them back to his head?” He finally stopped after knowing the answer and started seeing stars in daytime. Someone gave him the eye-opener that Rajinikanth’s hairs were used to cut diamonds in olden times. He is not letting them grow back so that no one can use them to make unbeatable weapons.

Rajinikanth’s life is full of breaking the records. Guinness World Records had sent a special letter before its launch in which they requested him to not compete in any competition. Otherwise their book would have one more title on its cover page which is- “Biography of Rajini”.

One who believes ‘No one is perfect in this world’, he assumes Rajinikanth as an exception.

One inspiring plus consoling quote for all strugglers: “If you do not succeed at you first attempt, no worries. No need to take stress. After all you are not Rajini yar, so chill! And keep trying because being not Rajini, you can fail once, but hard workers are made to win in the end”. Enjoy!!!

The Masterpieces

Celebrities are honored by award shows like Oscar. These Award shows are honored by Rajinikanth Award.

In a press conference, one reporter asked, “Rajini Sir, Do you find the jokes about you annoying?” Rajini said with a gleaming smile, “Do you find them the jokes?!

This statement gave relief to many who were spreading the Rajinikanth Jokes because they were afraid that Rajini will delete their ‘Forward’ option. In fact, after his this statement only, I started writing this Brisk Post. (Smiles)

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