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10 Crazy Ideas to Try in Tension

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Girl’s teasing face expression cartoon by Sneha: Crazy idea to try in tension headache
Tension Quote: "When tensions try to scare you, show them your weirdest face."
Cartoon Illustration: A girl showing her teasing expression with her tongue out, eyes tightly closed and hands holding her two hair braids from both hands.

Has tension become a part of your life which keeps sipping all your happiness every time? Does no idea work to get back your happy life because you find no way to get rid of stress? If taking stress has become your habit, bring some humor in your life to reduce tensions.

Have you ever thought why children don’t look tensed or stressed ever? Kids do amazingly weird yet cute things which appear funny. Bring your childhood activities back to add fun in your lifestyle and say bye to those tension headaches.

Enjoy reading and trying the best 10 handpicked crazy ideas that can prove to be superb stress busters to use in tension hours!

1. Play with the Psychologies of Others to Remove Tension

Go out of your home and visit any public place. It can be a restaurant, cafeteria, any station or even a mall. Give a blank expression to whoever passes by you and observe their reactions.

Going weird doesn’t mean you make a teasing facial expression like shown in the above cartoon picture. You can simply make an intact eye contact for a couple of moments with any stranger. Or you can make long faces. It is not to tease others, but to make it a stress-busting teaser for yourself. Try to be a bit funny and see how tensions grow legs to run from your life, leaving happiness behind.

Remember Mr. Bean? If you can be sporting enough to come out of your tension web, try to play his role in real life for once.

Do you know what gives us a joyous feeling in Mr. Bean’s expressions? They are weird, but never offensive to any other person. The character of Mr. Bean knows how to enjoy with himself. The same way, enjoy your presence on this complex yet beautiful earth. The moment you will learn to enjoy your existence, you will learn to deal with tensions too.

2. Give a Spine-rocking Tingle to Your Beloved One to Reduce Stress

Even an idea of going surprisingly behind someone and tingle in stomach seems so rocking and funny that perks up your mood to another level. Why not try this to light up your mood in tension too?

Select a sporty target, a person who doesn’t scold you for your annoying, notorious performance. Go mad and don’t stop until you two start to feel breathless. Soon you will realize that the same person is doing the same thing with you also. And here you go, to the world of endless laughter where your tension has no place to reside.

This surprise will make you both lighter for a while remembering the experience of sharing ultimately happy moments and eventually a stress-free life.

3. Take a Picture Perfect Selfie to Overcome Tension by Adoring Yourself

When you feel tense, you don’t like to do anything, especially clicking a photo in those depressed facial expressions. Still, do it. The process of taking a perfect selfie will make you smile, pout, and feel happy from within for bringing out the best of you. Take first, second, third…and so on tries, until you get your best posture. Eventually, you will see how pretending being happy will make you 'real' happy right in few moments. Take some minutes with it and try out some effects to brighten up your selfie photo even more.

Now when you have got your best shot, don’t forget to make it your dp on Whatsapp or share on Facebook to get your highest number of likes. You can also use that image as your mobile wallpaper to remind your victory and to remember how you turned from tensed to happy.

Whenever you feel tensed again, see that pic, rejoice and shoot tension thinking yourself at the top of the world. Do it often to fall in love with yourself.

4. Get Pampered to Get Some Tension Free Moments

Gone are the days when pedicure, manicure, different hairstyles, getting your eyebrows done and all those fashion accessories were for females only. Now guys also are in vogue shoulder to shoulder. And why not, who doesn’t like to be in style and turn the heads around?

So what are you waiting for? You are a girl or boy, man or woman, visit your stylist and pamper yourself. Enjoy your new look and go crazy about looking good.

Pampering yourself arouses the sense of love and care, which simultaneously give an idea of being protective of yourself. Once you develop the feeling of this love and sense of protectiveness for yourself, you will never let the negative, distressing, annoying, or anxious vibes come to your arena.

You on your own will secure yourself from being tensed and stressed.

5. Feel the Vibration to Cope with Tensions

No no! I am not at all going to suggest an electric shock for relieving tension. I am going to introduce you an arrow that will hunt two targets.

You just have to shack your body as if it is vibrating through any current. You can use a machine, go to the gym or can also do it on your own assuming the vibrator. This fun activity will distract you from all your worries leaving with a happening body and brain. Second, it will help you killing your extra calories and maintaining a healthy weight.

What can be better than controlling tension with weight loss at the same time?

6. Take a Shower to Soak Your Tensions: Let Your Stress Flow!

When you take bath, it provides you privacy, focus and more control over what and how you think and experience. No disturbance and direct control give you a reminder that you are the king of your experiences. No one can steal your little joys. The soothing effect of a shower will make you realize the freedom of happiness. Feel such small sheer-bliss moments to relax from tensions and take a new start with refreshing approaches.

You fill your shower with bubbles or not, but soaking yourself is the most important thing. What other elements you can add to lighten up your mood are your favorite music in the background, candles to enhance the feel, good aromas to introduce pleasant fragrance and your loud singing, doesn’t matter how bad you sing. Ensure to enjoy every bit of it and feel the ultimate freshness around you.

When you will come out of your bathroom after enjoying a superb bathing experience, you will feel the tensions have also burst in the bubbles and flowed with the water.

7. Play Alone to Defeat Tension: Challenge Your Self to Beat Your Own Records

Play with yourself to beat your last high score. Give preference to any outdoor game instead of playing a video game or going for downloading a gaming app on your Smartphone.

Take a plastic ball or basketball and challenge on a number of bounces while dribbling it on the ground. If you love to make chapattis (pieces of bread), challenge yourself to make slimmer and rounder breads without any black spot.

It will you a sense of perfection and taste of success to soothe you from within. It will also help you gain your self-motivation and realization of self-worth.

These small challenges will work as stress busters and make you sporty for facing challenges later in real life problematic situations.

8. Give your Tension a Funny Name and Tease it

Give your problem a name of your favorite video game’s villain. Treat that as a monster and try to beat it sportingly.

Problems are basically the hiccups that halt you to meet success, deadlines, goals, dreams or happiness. You can connect your almost every tension with a person who plays the hurdle or generates any problem. You can also give that person a funny or romantic name like tingling, lotus, or any other.

If you feel unable to find an appropriate name, create yourself. Make a name that is senseless and doesn’t exist. For example trooty, freakee, krooker, boolf, tinka, etc.

The idea is not to make fun of a person that’s why no offensive name is suggested above. After all, no one is born to bother you; everyone does their own job and coincidently tangles with our jobs.

The idea is to make fun of your problems. It is to make your stress itself a stress buster by making fun of it.

9. Make a Bubble Wrap Your Tension Buster

I have not met anyone who doesn’t like to burst the tiny plastic bubbles of a bubble wrap. It’s always fun to enjoy the sound of chit-chit or tich-tich while blasting those bubbles. How lightning!

Think as if they are the tension bubbles and you are getting rid of them with every bursting sound. Use this trick as a stress therapy and keep popping the bubbles until you feel relieved. Doing this will make your mood light immediately and redirect you towards the fun thinking process.

10. Believe in Affirmations to Remove Tension Thoughts

Make your own statements and have faith they are true. Be confident in what you are stating. Affirmations boost your positive energy and play a catalyst for removing tensions.

Some examples of strong affirmations to say yourself firmly and repeatedly:

  • “I have done this before, and I can do it now too.”
  • “Hey, I’m the superhero and can do anything.”
  • “I’m a super intelligent guy, nothing can beat me.”
  • “Nothing is impossible for a freak like me.”
  • “God is with me and seeing my efforts.”
  • “Whatever happened, happening and will happen is the best for me.”
  • “However bad was yesterday, today is a brighter day and tomorrow will be the brightest one.”

The most powerful substance that is going to help you is your own belief. Have a fearless, strong faith in what you say however worst things happen to you or around you. Repeat the affirmations whenever you find the feeling of tension coming back. They say whatsoever we speak louder, be it in a loud resonance of your heart, the universe preserves that and reflects back to you. So make positive affirmations and let the good reflect in your life.

I hope for next time, you know what to do when feeling stressed and anxious. Try out any of the above crazy ideas to help you to remove tension completely from your brain. Adding fun elements to your life will keep your surrounding lighter and happier.

Don’t forget to share your crazy idea to overcome the tension in the below comment section. Have a happy, tension free life!

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  1. During tension and stress, we are unable to improve our concentration. Most probably due to lack of confidence and lack of concentration, we are unable to try innovative ideas and here from this article, we can get some quick review on what idea we should try in tensions. Thanks for such a wonderful article.


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