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How to Hope: 25 Simple Ways to Gain Light

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How to hope and gain light, learn from ant climbing mountain with hope: quote cartoon by Sneha
Cartoon Illustration on Being Hopeful: An ant who is seeing just the dark and storm around her, is set to climb the mountain in hope of light and sun at another side.

Is feeling low have become your practice? Have you started finding your life meaningless, worthless and empty because you have lost all the hopes in your life? Are you unable to understand where to find hope that is lost beyond the endless sea? If ‘you’ have lost the source of energy for your soul, remember that to find it is also in ‘your’ hands.

Any motivational or inspiring person, write-up, speech, video or any art-form can rope a seed of hope in you, only if you allow reaching that to your soul, brain, and practice. You need to irrigate that hope seed with the inner calmness, courage, confidence, positivity and most importantly ‘faith’. These all five sources of hope reside inside every one of us and play hide and seek. We just need to recall and find them time-to-time.

Here you are what to do when there is no hope!

1. Be Willing to Gain Hope and You Are Half Done

This is the most tricky yet ‘can’t be replaced’ step. You wish or will for something because there is hope. On basis of that hope, you try hard and keep going. But how to be willing for anything when there is no hope? This solution is strange and tough to walk on. Let’s make it easy for you.

First of all, understand that you are just going through a tough phase of life, that’s it. Otherwise, it is not a rocket science to be hopeful because after all the solution is in your own hands.

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2. Be Honest with Yourself: Probe You Heart!

Start from Here

Here is the answer to why will you move where you see no hope? Don’t you want to live happy? Don’t you want to see your beloved ones happy? Do you really like this life where you are doing nothing and throwing yourself to the dark? Don’t you want to cut the chains, break the walls, and come out of the dark? Isn’t that gloom bothering, annoying, irritating and frustrating? Ask these all questions to yourself and try to probe your heart to know what it wants- dark or light?

We all humans want and deserve light. You too!

Yes, You Deserve All Beautiful Things that Lighten Up Your Life!

Be honest with yourself this time! You don’t deserve that dark. You deserve happiness which aura is pleasant, the fragrance is appeasing, and the feeling is kicking. You deserve light, to reach your soul to sparkle it. You deserve freedom which is beyond any boundaries and bindings. You deserve peace because you are a human and it is your right. You deserve hope because you are born with it and no one can snatch this gift of God from you.

Yes you deserve that all that’s why you are alive. Value your life. It is yours, only yours. You can achieve anything.

3. Realize the Fact: Why You Should Be Hopeful?

If you have lost any belongings, you can gain back, even better this time. If you have lost money, you can earn because you own this body to work and achieve. If you are physically challenged, you have skills, talent; maybe you need to identify if you haven’t recognized that yet. You got heartbreak? Don’t worry because the god has made a better soul mate for you. All that is you need is the ‘hope’ to go on.

You need to move in your life’s journey to explore the better which is already designed for you. Come on! Move on! Don’t let any negativity stop you. Don’t let any person or even yourself discourage you. You deserve to feel the beauty of this life, so be hopeful about whatever is going on and whatever will come.

4. How to Find Hope? Figure Out Your Goals and Aims of Life

Philosophies Sound Good but Don’t Work Easily! Let’s Get Practical!

Mostly we get hopeless when we feel insecure about our future. As we can’t see our tomorrow, we tend to imagine that. If our today is bright, we imagine positive, remaining optimistic about everything. If something goes wrong in today, the negative thoughts arouse about tomorrow and they lead us to dark. How to find the way to hope in this scenario?

Clear your visions and goals about your life. Think, what kind of future do want? Find its answer in every perspective. Your visions about future might be related to your career, health, lifestyle, friends, family or even dreams. Note them all for reference with details.

You dreams and visions drive you. In process of getting closer to what you are passionate about, you will start to find your lost hopes too. And most importantly, don't forget that every new morning brings something new with her.

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5. How to Build Hope? Make a Realistic Base for Your Visions

Now analyze them and check whether your ideal world is practically realistic or not. Yes, a dream has no boundaries. But if you see your life on the moon in future, it is subjective to how far our science and technologies go. Make the visions that belong to you and your potential. Make short-term and long-term goals. If you want to become a millionaire, don’t jump to earn millions. First, think of getting thousands of bucks, then lacs. Set your visions also as per that.

Once you set your sensible aims at the place, compare your ideal world to present circumstances. This comparison will make you understand how far you have to go, what direction you need to walk on, and what is already in line.

For example if you want to be in an army, what are you doing to get selected for that exam? Are you taking a course for cracking the written exam? Are you doing exercise and taking healthy food to get fit for physical exams? If lacking somewhere, what will be your step for tomorrow to get close to your goal of being in an army?

Still, if you find later in the process that you have set a too bigger goal which is getting heavy on you, it is never late. Reframe your visions and make them practical and realistic to build hope naturally.

6. How to Gain Hope? Make Smart Goals (Dos and Don’ts)

To ensure gaining hope, give the following features to your future visions:


Your goals should be précised that is, targeting to a specific direction.
They should be countable that is, measurable in numbers.
Make them action-oriented so that you can work to achieve them.
Set time-bound goals so that the process does not become tedious and you find your efforts worth and productive.


Do not make your visions broad or vague.
Do not chase an impractical goal.

7. How to Feel Hope? Develop Some Practices to Develop Hope

If you want to instill hope strongly in your life, practice some good behavioral traits to develop hope. These traits will help you not only with lifted faith and hope, but also boost your confidence and positive approach. Develop good qualities in you and be a good human. The way you will find yourself, the same way you will see the world. Doesn’t matter how worst and harsh are the people around you. Being human is important for your inner growth. So, develop the capabilities of a good person, to develop hope.

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8. You Have Enormous Strength: Find and Acknowledge!

Hopeful girl with light to fight mountain of failures by carving tunnel of hope- quote cartoon by Sneha
Hope Quote:
"When failures and unfulfilled desires make you mope,
Fight the dark mountain by carving a tunnel of hope!"
Cartoon Illustration of a Hopeful Girl: The wide sky with a glorious moon and stars witnessing a girl with night lamp near a cave-like tunnel.

When someone says outside, “I am hopeless”, it is the reflection of an inner state that says, “I am not good” and so “I am worthless”. Hopelessness comes from the sense of “I can’t”. It happens because either we keep unrealistic expectations from ourselves or we don't realize own unique quality that God has sent us with. And we start to compare ourselves with friends, colleagues or family members. In this process, we forget who we are; we ignore the meaning of "being you".

This is the time to gaze that mirror and say yourself, "I am unique and I love what I am. So I'll be myself". And kick other thoughts.

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Find yourself back and then your confidence. Believe in what you are born with. Trust your abilities and give things a try again, with more courage, self-belief, hope, and optimistic approach.

Sometimes the flame of failures or unfulfilled desires heats so badly that it burns all your capability of seeing your strengths. If you are not able to find your courage and potency, it doesn’t mean you don’t have too. You do have unimaginable power. Try to remember all your accomplishments or any positive trait. Identify them all and don’t forget to acknowledge too.

Let the reverse cycle run! Say to yourself, “I am good” and “I can”. Feel your inner strength and see how soon you will speak out “I am hopeful”. Your faith in you will make you speak that.

9. Develop Your Support Network

Making a supportive network doesn’t mean you will go out with a device that beeps near good people and make them your friends. You will have to perform good deeds and be supportive so that people behave the same way when you are in need.

Follow the simple philosophy of ‘Do good, have good’. Make your own good circle to get a compassionating and positive aura.

10. Follow What Your Heart Follows: Let Your Passion Bring Happiness to You

Allow yourself to welcome the bundle of joys for your heart by chasing your hobbies, dreams or passion. Happiness is like a sunshine that erases all the creepy thoughts and negativity.

How to be Hopeful?

If you are still in process of finding out your directions in life and are not sure about your dreams or hobbies, it is never late to identify. Go for any new sports that interest you, but didn’t try ever. Try new things to know your hobby.

Take this little step of pursuing your heart and you will see how soon hopes will come to your land back.

11. Cultivate Hope through Volunteering for a Cause

Associating yourself with a cause has multiple advantages. It is beneficial for both- mental and physical health. When you voluntarily join a cause, it shows your sense of responsibility towards the society or community that you are living in. You make your links and relations with new people. You get to learn new things.

Are you not up for this because you can’t see any such good cause to associate nearby you? It can be an online community too. You just need to take a step and you will find the ways. Who knows, you might make a good friend or companion too who share similar interests with you and share a long-term bond with you in all your ups and downs.

12. Welcome Sundry Situations

Come out of your shell which is called your comfort zone. Face new circumstances that are different and challenging. Putting you into different conditions changes the thought patterns, making you learn unimaginably new things about this world.

Sometimes we are so much into our own problems and day-to-day affairs that we forget to see out of our small shell. We forget that there is a world, out of our small world. When you will explore it you will realize that what had been stopping you from being hopeful was so small and silly in context to the complexities and vastness of the outer world.

13. Explore the Difference

Start from a little step. Don’t go straight to your home after office. Join your coworkers or call your friend to visit a place. Go to watch a movie that will land you on another world.

If you are a home-maker, go to any nearby religious place or garden. Give food to someone hungry who is vulnerable. Try to communicate little to know about his life.

The purpose is to meet people around and understand we all humans share the same pace of struggling. And I’m sure you will meet someone in this process who will make you realize that you have endless scopes to be hopeful in comparison to others who are surviving in tougher situations than you.

14. Write to Keep Your Track: Develop a Hopeful Outlook

Reading or writing is a good practice when your brain is exhausted of tangled thoughts that remove space and scope for hope to come in. When you write, you fill the paper with the words and simultaneously empty the brain from your thoughts. So, write to get rid of crap thoughts in your mind.

If you don’t like to write, then you can make bullets too. You can also make notes on the process of your progress. Maintain a track of your journey to being hopeful and develop an outlook on everything. If you devote even 15-25 minutes daily, it’s enough to get a productive layout for your success.

15. Love Yourself! Be Caring for Yourself!

Try two things: first, eat healthy and second, do exercise. These two efforts will bring amazing energy to your life and help to develop a sense of hope. Taking care of yourself help you realize that you deserve to be treated well.

Take healthy and nutritious meal that includes whole grain, green vegetables, fruits, and proteins. Drink ample of water to remain hydrated, at least 8 glasses daily. Take sound sleep of 7 to 9 hours every night. Practice exercise, yoga, meditation, and mudras.

16. Don’t Build False Hopes to Keep Anxiety at Bay:

Being hopeful makes you expecting good and positive; but if you have started keeping false hopes, they will take you to nowhere but at the darker place. Understand, false hope meaning- long for something that has lesser chances of happening. Such unfulfilled longings and unrealistic expectations will end up you saying, “Nothing is working to be Hopeful”.

Here you need to know the difference between practically realistic hopes and false hopes before you start feeling “nothing seems to get better.

When it is Impossible to Hope for the good

Come out of your dream world; no one’s life is like a fairytale. Don’t let too many expectations annoy you and leave you with anxiety. This way you will ignore the today’s opportunities as well. Shake hands with realistic hope and oppose false hope.

17. Deal Graciously When you are Depressed

Learn systematic techniques to fight your anxieties. Yoga and meditation are amazing practices for relaxing you. If you are in the office or out of your home and can’t do these things, take a break of a couple of minutes. When your insecurities distress you, concentrate on your breathing.

What to do when there is no hope?

First, take long breathes and try to remove all the fears, anxiety, insecurity and everything that is depressing and makes you feel anxious. Then focus on your breath and let the positive visions come in. Envision the brighter tomorrow. Regulate your every breath with imagining only opportunities and good possibilities about your future. Practice and progress with your relaxation techniques and deal your depression graciously. This is it. You know now hoe to hope when you are into depression.

18. Know Your Anxiety: Hopelessness or Depression?

Symptoms of Depression

Have you been feeling irritation, panic, sleeplessness, agitation, lack of concentration, and tendency to respond in attacking way? Are you getting hyperarousal in every small incident around you? Do your nightmares, flashbacks, old traumatic events and unwanted memories make you re-experience the trauma as reminders? Do you always feel like living alone, isolated, disconnected and robotic?

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Difference between Depression and Hopelessness

Depression is usually seen as a stigma in our society which does not let us take an action towards our systematic treatment. People live with the above symptoms for years and do not even sometimes realize the fact that they need a medical assistance.

When Experiencing Higher Degree of Hopelessness: What to Do?

If you are also one of them, first of all, figure out why you are in trauma, be strong and fight it back changing your lifestyle and way of thinking. Try to get rid of it with the support of your family and peers.

Watch your thought patterns to improve. If still nothing works, visit any medical expert without any shyness. It is just a disorder like the fever which needs to get treated with care.

If Being Hopeless Getting Worst

Hopelessness is just a symptom of depression. But dear, beware! It can become its cause too, if not cared for a long time. Even if it is just hopelessness, but not going after many hard tries, there is nothing bad in consulting a counselor, psychiatrist, mental health professional or a medical expert.

Behave Mature: Break Your Shyness

Take it as seeking the help of someone who has helped many others too before. Such experts or therapists know the psychological tools and professional therapies showing your right direction. Where your multiple attempts at getting hopeful had been failing, they know the way to killing frustration. So don’t feel shy or embarrassed about going to a psychiatrist or counselor.

19. Understand: What Is Hope? What Does Hope Mean?

It is necessary to know and indeed understand the meaning of hope as its essential and need is hidden in its definition itself.

Hope Meaning: Elaborated Definition of Hope

Hope is a positive state of mind that directs you to plan and achieve your short and long-term goals and desires. It is a motivational catalyst that is not permanent and you need to create it every day for moving continuously, successfully, and patiently. Hope means a lot to boost your energy of the soul.

Incorporate hope in your attitude to remain always fueled with the positive energy.

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20. Know: Why Hope is Important?

Nothing is guaranteed in this world then why do we put our efforts in even the smallest task? We put because we are hopeful about good to happen or getting done successfully. And if we can be hopeful about the smaller efforts and successes, then why can’t for bigger ones?

Importance of Hope

Just like we need to eat daily for refueling our body, we need to feed ourselves positivity and hope for re-energizing our soul. Our every smallest activity needs it. Think why one would brush teeth if there is no hope of getting clearer, whiter, and germless teeth? Doesn’t matter how much clearer and whiter or how long one would not need to visit a doctor for any tooth problem.

21. Don’t Ignore Your Fears: Stop Running!

Instead of avoiding your negative thoughts, face them. Until and unless you know the root cause of being hopeless, you can’t find out the solution to this problem.

If your weight is causing you this, know is annoying with it? Are others around you are slimmer? Are you not progressing with your current weight loss efforts? Face your problem areas and try to make the situation better, a little every day.

Remember, ‘to walk’ matters not ‘reaching the destination’. Find hope in the progressing process, not in achieving. Stop running behind being best or getting best.

22. Find Your Comfort in Difficult Situations

Research says, if you learn to be in peace and patience when you are in a difficult situation, you tend to reduce the probability of getting physical or mental health problems.

Bring it in your practice to deal with a situation calmly and whatever happens, maintain balance with your comfort zone. If you love to play guitar and listening to music, don’t avoid or ignore doing it when you are into difficulty. What makes you feel peaceful and comfortable; doing that brings ease and relax you. It makes the ways easy for hopes to come in.

23. Find Hope in the Name of God: Have Faith!

How to Hope for the miracle?

Worship and prayers have unimaginable powers. If a majority of people of this world believe in God, there is a reason, which is- ‘There hopes and prayers are answered’. If you ask hard “who can give me hope?” and no one replies, not find the answer in “no one can give me hope” because God doesn’t speak loud, his actions do.

How to Hope in the Lord?

You are also one of God’s children and he is there to answer you too. Have a strong faith in him and believe he is listening to you. It is the key to hope that is unproven yet proven, unseen yet realized, untouched yet sensed. You can’t define or elaborate how it works and what is its procedure. Just believe with no questions and no logic, and see how miracles happen when you hope in the god.

Read Spiritual Holy Books

You read the summary of life in Geeta, aayat in Quran or Bible verses about how to hope again, they are designed wonderfully to give you the right direction at odds.

24. Switch On the Light of Hope! Don’t Forget!

Are you not switching on the lights at your home in the evening? Have you started ignoring your bulbs and tube-lights at home from the day you have lost hope? No!

Where your eyes deserve the brightness of bulbs, your soul too needs the light of hope. Don’t let it go from your life. It is your right to live with hope. Never say the most depressing line “I do not have any hope” which can take you into oblivion. Let the dark be the king outside your door. Let the world spread gloom out of your home. If you have not forgotten to switch on your source of light, no one can bring that outer dark to your home. But remember, to go to the switch and put it ‘on’ is in your hands; it is ‘you’ who have to give this effort.

25.What Are You Waiting For? Let the Brightness of Hope Come In!

We don’t wait for the complete dark of night before switching on the lights in our home. Just like that, why to wait for going completely into depression and not switch on the light of hope right at this moment, right now? Some steps in life are to be taken immediately, waiting for no time.

Remember, the most effective way to hope is ‘willing to be hopeful’. Have a hopeful journey ahead!

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