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How to Control Mental Tension Completely: 20 Effective Ways

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Stressed girl cartoon by Sneha: Fashionable girl scratching head in tension headache
A girl scratching her head in frustration and irritation of tension!
Exclamation of Wonder!: How girls manage to look pretty even when they are messed within?

Has tension become the irritating mosquito on your head which keeps sipping your brain blood? Are you sucked of this stressful tension bee that keeps flying around you and don’t let you focus on your work? Don’t worry! Not because I am going to tell you some super mantras that are sure shot ways to reduce tension, but because it’s a problem which solution is right in your own hands.

Know how to control this bugger called mental tension right below! Choose your favorite pick among 20 effective ways and enjoy a tension free life because you deserve it!

Maintain a Daily Routine

When we feel low, it affects our day-to-day life too. Our daily activities also suffer because of our low energy which ultimately gives more frustration and irritation. Settle your unstructured life to avoid more stress.

Transform the Negative Energy into Productive Energy

Tensions produce negative energy and negative thoughts produce tension. Negativity and stress make a cycle and work in a loop. They both complement each other going hand-in-hand. Try to break this cycle to break the tension.

Transmute such bad energy into productive energy by using it doing some output based work. Maintain the garden, wash your vehicle, fix or repair damaged things or paint the boundaries; do whatever seems interesting to consume all that energy and gaining the satisfaction of getting some problematic things done.

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Accept the Reality When Feel Plagued of Mental Tension

If you find your stress near-constant in your life because of continuous low feeling, it shows you are trying to fight against the reality. Until and unless you accept the facts, you can’t recover.

If you are not ready to accept it is raining, you will not open the umbrella and keep walking drenched and wet. Such wet cloths and body will always give you extra weight and halt you from walking.

Give a break to your brain and take the train of your thoughts towards a new direction. And this time, move to ‘move on’. Accept whatever way it is and relieve yourself from the weight of depresses, stressed and tensed state.

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Appreciate God and Rebuild the Faith

Faith has a magical power. You can feel the strength of this entire universe through believing in the almighty. Don’t forget to appreciate him in your prayers for whatever positive you have in life. Count all those good moments or stuff that have ever given you the happiness. Reminding them in mind is necessary to realize that you have not only tensions in your life. You have the treasure of unlimited good memories to recall and relive in thoughts. Thanks to God for this precious gift of memories. Give this gift space in your mind instead of a bad feeling of tensions and see how positive energy plays to cope with your stress.

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Turn Your Focus towards Right Destination

If you are trying hard to reduce tension, but still are finding yourself in an endless stress loop that is taking you to nowhere, probably you are thinking more about how bad the situation is. If the flames are roaring high, shrieking “Fire! Fire!” alone will not work. Only thinking can’t hush that fire; you will have to take action.

Your destination is not brainstorming about why you are tensed, how this tensed engrossed you, why this world looking happy, not me…and so on. You need to think, how to remove the problem to remove the tension. If the solution is not in your hands, think how to move on in life and not get bothered because of the root reason for your tensions.

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Find Out the Roots of Tension to Beat the Stress Completely

The worst situation is 'you' also don’t know the basic reason of your tensions. Knowing the root cause of stress is a vital step of removing tension from life permanently. Dig your heart and brain deeper to know the actual cause that is dragging you back from living your life fully. Know the bug that is distressing you and not allowing you to free your brain.

This is helpful when you are feeling a low every day as a part of your life. This might be an unfulfilled desire or underlying fear which origin lies in your past. There are possibilities that the root cause is outdated and no more relevant to your today or tomorrow, but you are living with it unknowingly because of lack of awareness about your own feelings.

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Enrich Your Self-Improvement Techniques

Do it by introducing good book s to your shelf from a bookstore or take help of a professional. There are several sources that can help you improve your techniques of dealing with stress. Your problem is any childhood trauma or unrealized dream or a broken heart, a huge range is available for coping with a tensed life. Who knows what source and which idea pops out as a magical remedy for improving your messed mental state.

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Renew Your Spiritual Vibes

Doesn’t matter what religion you believe in or whom you worship or even if you have nothing to do with any religious offerings, get spiritual. Have words with your God, offer prayers and produce some heavenly vibes. If you are an atheist, talk to your inner being, meditate and connect to your highest self. Even if connecting to God or yourself doesn’t seem your way of communication, make direct your pleas towards the universe or infinite.

Doesn’t matter to whom or through which medium; just communicate, to gain strength for combating your fears and ultimately tensions.

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Have Faith, Build Trust!

Most importantly, don't forget to let go. Don't let your past bad memories bother you. Leave that baggage on old roads. No bad experience can ruin your today until and unless you allow them to reside in your brain.

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Can you remember any 4-5 years old situation of past that had caused you mental tension which exists till now? All those worries are no more with you for which you had tensed once like today. When those worries are no more, why to get hampered from their traces. Have faith that the existing tension is also not eternal. As the root cause of this anxiety will be solved, this tension will also evaporate. Build trust within that you can find out the solution and this tension does not belong to you. This positive approach will defuse the situation that is causing you stress.

Choose Peace, Not Stress

Now you will say who chooses stress, no one; tensions indeed come automatically.

The fact is the selection of peace or stress in our own hands. No outside force can distress you. It is your brain which generates negative thoughts about a situation which when increases hitting the walls of your head, it gives you a tension headache.

When a trouble gives aches, be calm from inside and active with actions from outside. Tensions are not going to remove the cause; yes it can decrease your focus, motivation, self-confidence and all strength which could have been useful to fight for taking back your happiness.

Take Tiny Leaps: Go Gradual while Going Far from Tensions

There is no magic bullet that can kill your stress in one shot. Just like you do not feel over-stressed right at any moment; your stress level increases gradually; you need to go gradually while getting rid of your tensions too.

The only thing you need to do is walk. Your every step towards a happy life is worth. Try to go far from a messed head a little bit every time. Next day again, go a little farther. There is no rocket that can send you to a stress-free world just in one thrust. So be patient and keep going and eventually you will see that your gradual steps have left those tensed ways far behind.

Set Priorities: Reduce Half of the Tension Causes

Prevention is always said better than going for a cure later. Let’s go way far from letting tension turn to be a mental disease.

Mostly we feel tensed because of jobs in the pipeline that are not ready to accomplish. A pending task turns to frustration only when its deadline looms around and we find many more important tasks as well to complete. Have you ever felt tension about a bath that you are supposed to take tomorrow? But if it is early morning and office time is near, you will rush for that. Learn to prioritize your jobs to live the hassle-free days which can turn you towards a tension-free life.

Be Organized: Halt Tensions in Their Midway

We know we need our mobile charged, but does it bother when it is charged more than 60 or 70 percent? It starts to suck when the red line comes to indicate 10 or 15% of battery. Then why not charge it right when it is left with 30 to 35% charged? This is all about management and a little proactive approach.

We feel anxious when multiple tasks come ahead like a tall mountain with the same deadline. Why not prioritize them in a way that we finish out a day before the target date? This way you can shot dead half of your tensions at the beginning of their journey. And if you are organized, you will have enough time and ample space in mind to resolve uninvited and unexpected problems.

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Help Yourself by Taking Advice of a Psychologist

Are you dealing with tension from a long back but feeling helpless? Do you want the help of a doctor but feeling shy or embarrassed about your treatment?

Most of us live with this perception that psychologists are made for mad people only. Even when it is an alarming situation we hesitate to go for consulting a doctor. We think people will start seeing us as we are also mad.

For whom do we preserve such a fear and play with our health and ourselves? For what do we wait? Do we wait for making our fear true? Mental disorders are as sensitive as any other physical disease.

If we consult a consult a counselor or medical expert in this field on time, we can easily cope with our chronic tension or stresses. In fact, there is nothing bad in taking recommendations at the preliminary stage so that the sufferings end at an initial stage.

Take a Broader View: Realize Where You and Your Tensions Exist

When we face a tensed scenario, our all focus contracts to that problematic situation. We forget that there is a world out of our small world too, which is bigger, broader and much complex. Ask metaphysical questions to yourself and search them on Google. You might not gain knowledge of the entire universe, but you will understand where you tension exists. You will realize that how simple and easy is the nature of our complexities in front of this excessively tangled world.

When logics fail, it is a wise take to draw a longer line to show another line smaller.

Seek for a Balanced Lifestyle

The feeling of tension or stress shows that something in your life has gone out of your control. This raises an imbalanced state which ruins the rhythm of your life.

Regaining balance from resolving the reason of your tension might not be possible at that stage, but to control life’s other aspects is in your hands. If the problem is at a workplace, go out for a dinner or movie with the family. Pursue your hobbies. Take nutritious diet, go to the gym, do exercise, offer Yoga to yourself or enjoy meditation. This will give you a sense of balanced life and a satisfactory feel of going well with other roles of life.

If a problem is with your relationships at home, meet a friend. Take your family also with you. When you will meet others, you will discuss something out of the box which will give you new topics to talk about when you go back to home.

Find Equilibrium to Reduce Mental Tension

If one dish of a weight balancing device shows extra weight, it is not necessary to reduce that weight to find the balance; you can also add some weight to other dish for finding the balance.

The same way, if life’s one perspective goes out of balance and become a reason of tension, add happiness to other sides of life and try to create an equilibrium this way. The root reason of tension goes or not, but you will find yourself in less stressed state.

Take a Courageous Decision

First of all, you need to accept, analyze or recognize your feelings to know the reason of tension. A cause that can give you stress surely matters to you a lot that is why it is able to give you a tough time.

Learn to embrace your tensions for going closer to the root reason and removing the root cause.

Once you identify or realize the roots of your problem causing you stress, find out all the possible ways to work on. Judge your solutions into the balance weighing pros and cons of your plans for removing this stress from roots. Understand that taking tensions alone can’t help; you need a setback. If nothing works, take a courageous decision to get out of your anxieties. Be strong to support yourself.

If you are living with a broken dream, take a strong decision of either mending it or leaving it. Don’t just get into an awful state of losing yourself into the gloom. Keep your spark alive while dealing different life events in any state and condition.

If your relationship has chosen some other ways to walk on, leaving you behind, accept the fact. Life offers us several such situations where no plans work, no solution eases. Leave broken threads and bonds on God and time if you find any scope in them. If you see no light, leave that way which throws you to dark. Choose another way, your own different way where you can find peace and bright.

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Live the Moments

Most of our tensions that we take in life are baseless and irrelevant. Know here how!

We wake up thinking of what will I wear to look good, dress is done with iron or not, will I reach office on time, what if I couldn’t cook on time, the presentation will be impressive or not, will I be able to complete my targets, what to prepare in food so that kids finish the lunch, when will I get to spend some quality time with by spouse, and so on…

Such a list is endless to make a tension-web around you. The thoughts associated with family, job and relations are so many that you can’t manage or control the related things to perfection.

The most surprising fact is, no issue can harm you, your life or your happiness, but we take stress about these things as if we are running in a life-or-death situation. Take a sigh and give them a break. Take a fresh start every day, every morning.

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Learn to Go with the Flow

Why not to live in the moment? Why not just think about now? Take a flashback and dive deeper into your memories. You kept thinking and taking stress about the things entire life; how many of your fears really came in front of you to spoil your day or life?

Why to worry about the likelihood of an event? Why allow uncertain possibilities play with your head and give you the dreaded tension? Why not to just enjoy what is happening around and crossing the eyes now?

The weirdest part of human nature is- we don’t value what we have and we do bother about what we don’t have.

We humans don’t have control over how the things will happen around, how people will behave with us or what our tomorrow should come with. Unfortunately in craving of controlling that all, we underestimate the power of what we have.

We all should think once about- we also have control over many more important aspects like, how our lifestyle should be, how we think and what we feel. Yes, we can control on all these because we are gifted with a beautiful heart and a powerful brain. Once you learn to make a harmony with them both, the world is yours and so its happiness.

Life seems toughest when you can’t control your own feelings. Be a bit smart and courageous, and see, you also have a kingdom to rule which is your own.

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  1. Due to heavy workload, busy schedule, and lack of confidence. We are facing different types of mental tensions. It may directly or indirectly affect our health and mindsets, so we have to deal with these problems quickly, but without any kinds of professional and coaching support, we are unable to deal with our mental tensions. So, we definitely need some valuable tips from this above article. Thanks for such a wonderful post with useful information.
    Positive Thoughts

    1. I appreciate you words and understanding on this burning issue of today. You said right, we need help if we find ourselves unable to deal on our own.

      I wish people speak about it as normally as they do in case of other health issues. Unfortunately depression, a later stage of mental tension, is seen as something extraordinarily abnormal and indeed as stigma. Despite it is as normal as other health problems, we feel shy when it comes to talk about it in open.

      Let's help each other and extend a friendly talk and help from our side if we see someone in such a state!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Social media has a considerable role in propagating such biases. Without proper evidence, many crimes of violent nature, such as shootings, murders, etc., are often ascribed to mental disorders. As indicated by Jonathan M. Metzl, M.D., Ph.D., and Kenneth T.guarantor

    1. Yes, right. Social media has brought the lives unfolded world-widely.
      Thanks for throwing light on one more associated aspect. We need to behave sensibly and share wisely.

      I would like to put here other bright side too, which is-
      it depends on "us" how we use the technology and social platforms. No one has stopped us from raising our voices. We can choose the same platform for putting our points as well.

      Tension has no foundation; it's us who let it rule over our heads. If it happens with anyone, which Mr. Ansari, you have shared, I suggest to be bold and courageous to take stand for yourself. Don't opt for hiding behind the walls and weaving the stress-web; instead come ahead and unveil your side confidently.

      I believe we all deserve peace so let no one invade within your personal boundary and leave you bound with tensions. Speak it out and grab your normal, happy life back.


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